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Creative Hair Styles: Top Hair Style Fashion at the Milan Fashion Week

Hair Styles from Milan Fashion Week
Austere braids adorned the heads of the models for the fashion houses of Emilio Pucci und Salvatore Ferragamo. The braids were arranged in tiara-like shapes or circles in the back of the head
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The fashion weeks in Berlin, New York, and London have come and gone. The eyes of the fashion world are now on the fashion week shows in Milan. Fashion Houses like the ones of Emporio Armani, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta represented more than 65 labels. The designers showcased their new fall/winter collections in the Italian fashion metropolis. Naturally, fashion outfits and hair styles together create the new look. We like to present to you the most beautiful hair styles from the Milan Fashion Weeks

  • We are delighted to see some hair styles return in many variations again and again. The braids shown by Emilio Pucci and Salvatore Ferragamo are examples of such time-honoured styles and so are the voluminous hairstyles by John Richmond, Lorenzo Riva and Dsquared, the long fringes by Cavalli and Marni or the endearing undone waves by Gucci and Normaluisa.

  • Asymmetrical finger waves by Etro
    Asymmetrical finger waves by Etro
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    Creative Hair Styles from the Milan Fashion Show: Gelled Back Fringes

    It takes special talent to keep finding exciting new hair styles despite the abundance of extraordinary hairdos through the ages. However, the hair stylists who presented their work at this year’s Milan Fashion Show managed to succeed.

    The hair stylists for Etro created this interpretation of the sleek look. We liked the style. The middle parting is straight and the gelled back front hair shows the suggestion of finger waves. The hairline over the forehead is covered by hair only on one side.

  • Hair Styles from Milan Fashion Week: Twisted Braids

    We also gave the hair styles by Fendi a second look for two reasons. Firstly, Fendi models always have something interesting to show and secondly, because there was something quite extraordinary to see in the shape of two twisted braids low in the neck, which looked like twist-braided pigtails. Often, several twisted braids were gathered into one pigtail. The perfection of the twisted braids made us wonder whether the hair was real.

    In our photo gallery below, we show you hair styles from the Milan Fashion Week, which caught our fancy.

  • Hair Styles from the Milan Fashion Week

    Trendy Hair Style by Fendi

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    Trendy Hair Styles at Milan FW: Twisted Braids by Fendi

    Fendi's twisted braids looked downright futuristic. Strands of hair were twisted into rope-like braids and gathered into two pigtails. A few models wore the twisted braids like Alice bands

    Trendy Hair Style by Gucci

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    Hair Styles at Milan FW: Twirled Hair by Gucci

    Gucci opened the Milan Fashion Week with romantic and very practical hair fashion. Each side of the hair above the forehead was twirled around its own axis and secured in the back of the head. The long hair was allowed to flow over the shoulders in undone waves

    Trendy Hair Style by Etro

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    Hair Styles at Milan FW: Asymmetrical Front Hair bei Etro

    This show-stealing hair style was designed by Etro. From the exacting middle parting one side of the hair was gelled in a large S-wave to the scalp along the hairline. The other side was draped a little further past the hairline. The S-wave appeared to seamlessly transition into the long straight back hair. This hair style is inventive and very elegant

    Trendy Hair Style by John Richmond

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    Hair Styles at Milan FW: Quiff by John Richmond

    John Richmond selected flamboyant hair styles for self-assured women. Voluminous hair was teased and styled into a quiff above the forehead. The side hair was gelled and secured underneath the top hair with bobby pins. Side and top hair formed a striking contrast

    Trendy Hair Style by Prada


    Hair Styles at Milan FW: Ombre Hair by Prada

    Drew Barrymore and many other stars love to wear ombre hair. This type of hair colouring also found favour with fashion designers. The hair is dyed in two contrasting colours. The transitions are abrupt. Prada decided to use the high-contrast colours platinum blonde and fiery red