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Hair Style Trends for 2012

2012 Hair Styles: Naeem Khan, FW New York
The hair style trends for 2012: Braided chignons complement the Naeem Khan fashion line
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  • Of course, there are more 2012 fashion weeks to come, however the major trends are already evident. No doubt, sleek ponytails, braids and chignons are going to stay in vogue in all kinds of new variations. Ponytails are gathered with sometimes several inches wide scrunchies, the braids are more artful, and the chignons have more shine unless they dazzle with elaborate structures and are kept natural. Pick up some extra-gloss hair spray and dry shampoo on your next trip to the store if you want to get a head start on the hair style trends for 2012.

    Our gallery below shows the most beautiful 2012 hair styles from the New York Fashion Week shows.

  • Hair Style Trends for 2012 as seen in New York

    2012 Hair Style Trends New York Oscar de la Renta

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    Oscar de la Renta

    Oscar de la Renta and his hair stylists developed this very feminine, almost feathery appearing hair style. The hair is braided in many small braids close to the scalp; then the hair is styled using a flat iron. All that’s left to do after braiding is combing the hair and applying some hair spray

    2012 Hair Style Trends New York Jason Wu

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    Jason Wu

    Jason Wu embellished the hair of his models with feathers, which he arranged in the back of their heads. The hair is pulled back and twisted strand by strand. The small strands are then fastened with black hairgrips. There is hardly anything romantic about this hairdo. Styling crème supports the elaborate structure of this style

    2012 Hair Style Trends New York BCBG Max Azria

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    BCBG Max Azria

    For the Max Azria fashion show hair designers created an austere hair style reminiscent of the 1920s. They sleeked the air-dried hair close to the scalp only to allow its bounty to flow freely in the back. Volumising hair spray enhances the intriguing contrast

    2012 Hair Style Trends New York Michael Kors

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    Michael Kors

    Michael Kors presented us with one of the most riveting hair styles this season. The hair is parted in the middle and sleeked toward the nape of the neck where it transitions into a dishevelled loose braid. Leather shoelaces are woven into the herringbone braid. Hair extensions were clipped into the back hair before braiding. Here is how the braid is done: The hair is divided into two strands; then a small outer portion of one strand changes hands to the opposite strand. This is repeated with alternating strands until the braid is done. Only then are the leather shoelaces woven through the braid and knotted. For the finishing touch, the hair stylists dust the entire braid with dry shampoo and tease a few strands of hair

    2012 Hair Style Trends New York Donna Karan

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    Donna Karan

    Haiti influenced the design of Donna Karan’s prints, and the inspiration for the oversized scrunchies came from African tribal decorations. The ultra-sleek look of the ponytail reminds us of models in the 1980s. High-gloss hair spray enhances the satiny shine

    2012 Hair Style Trends New York Naeem Khan

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    Naeem Khan

    Naeem Khan prefers the classy chignon style this season. The stylists treat the hair with a flat iron before parting it on the side. After gathering the hair in the neck, the hair is divided into several strands, which are each twisted tightly, wound into a chignon and fastened with hidden hairpins. High-gloss hair spray intensifies the elegant appearance

    2012 Hair Style Trends New York Thakoon

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    Thakoon added colour to the models’ hair to contrast the natural make-up in shades of brown. Hair spray is applied before French braiding the hair on either side of the head. Starting at the side parting, pick up three strands of hair and start braiding. While you continue braiding, gather hair into the braid. The two braids are fastened with hidden pins in the neck. Finally, a paste made from pigment powder and water is spread over the hair

    2012 Hair Style Trends New York Marc Jacobs

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    Marc Jacobs

    The hair stylists for Marc Jacobs had the all-night parties of the 1960s in mind while they created this hair style. Bevelled fringes complement the chignon, and a flimsy head scarf adds style. The structural details give this traditional hair style its modern flair

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