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The Best Star Hair Styles

Isn’t there a bit of a peeper in all of us? Don’t we all like to look what’s happening on the heads of others? We have selected the most beautiful hair styles of the stars for your pleasure and for your evaluation. Vote for the star with the most pleasing hair style. We ask you, "Who looks best with the new styles?"

  • Winona Ryder’s Hairstyle

    Winona Ryder’s Undone Teased Ponytail

    Cameras love Winona Ryder with her dark hair, light complexion, and large brown eyes. This is no surprise. She shows her sense of style wherever she goes. At the opening of her latest movie, she enchanted everyone with her casual teased ponytail. We show you how to easily style this ponytail version

    Hairstyle of Stars: The Teased Ponytail
  • Hairstyles of Stars

    Stars Inspire New Hairstyles

    Some stars are known for their creative hairstyling ideas. Every once in a while, they become the trailblazers for hairstyles which soon become a trend. We are talking about stars like Alicia Keys, Julianne Hough and Heidi Klum. Let the innovative looks of popular trendsetters in our gallery inspire you!

    Hairstyles of Stars
  • Michelle Williams’ Short Hair

    Michelle Williams’ Short Hair

    For many years now, short hair is part of Michelle Williams’ image and style. At the US premiere of her newest movie, she dazzled with a particularly stylish version of her signature hairstyle. Learn why her unique pixie looks so appealing and how this style could work for you

    Tips on Styling and Wearing Short Hair
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