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This Month's Hairstyle of Stars – Kristin Bell's Braids

Braided Hair
Kristen Bell's semi updo looks plain from the front. However, from the back her hairdo reveals artfully intertwined braids in various styles
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Braids are all the rage right now. Kristen Bell certainly embraced the style and incorporated as many as three differently styled braids in her semi updo. Braiding your hair like this is actually quite easy even though it may appear complicated at first sight. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions and soon you will master Kristin Bell’s braided updo and many other playful variations

  • Side by side with her father, Kristen Bell plays the leading role as detective in the well-received US American TV series "Veronica Mars". Her credits include roles in other TV series and big-screen movies (e. g. "Heroes" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"). We also give her credit for her stylish hairdos.

  • Kristin Bell decided on this playful hairstyle for her appearance at the "Do Something Awards". The styling includes different types of braids, which she combined to a single plain braid midway down the back of her head.

  • How to Braid Your Hair like Kristen Bell

  • Braided Hair
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    The main element of Kristen Bell's hairstyle is the plain braid in the back of her head.

    Apply a small amount of volumising powder close to the hair roots before you create a side parting.

    1. Loosely gather your top hair about two to three inches above your ears and pull it back. (The remaining hair above the ear is styled later.) Start French braiding the top strand of hair stopping about midway down the back of your head.

    2. At about ear level (midway down the back of the head), the French braid is continued as plain braid. The hair underneath remains open in this semi updo.

    3. The end of the braid is secured with a scrunchy or ribbon.

    The semi updo gets its special flair from the two thin braids on both sides of the head. These thin braids cross over the transition between French and plain braid in the back where they are secured with bobby pins:

    4. Tightly braid the hair directly above each ear. We recommend pulling the side hair straight back while braiding it. This makes it easier to secure the braid in the back of the head.

    5. Dependent on how wide a side braid you like to create, you may braid one or two thin braids along the sides of your head.

    6. Layer the thin side braids over the plain braid in the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins. Dependent on the length of the thin braids, you may hide their ends underneath the plain centre braid.

    7. Use a flat iron to straighten the open hair in the back.

    8. Apply hairspray or extra-gloss hairspray for lustre and hold all day long.