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Hair Style of the Month: Blake Lively

Blake Lively’s sexy hair style with braided hair strands promises sunny days ahead. A golden filigree hair slide provides contrast for this tousled look. The gossip girl has charmed her way into our hearts. She is our hair style queen of the month. Below, we show you how to create this look at home

  • Once again, braids are among our favourite summer hair styles. The intricate braids suit all occasions. Whether the braids are classic or casual hardly matters. Braids are perfect. Still, we would not want to miss the very sexy structured beach hair style this year either. What do you get when you merge both styles? You wind up with a fantastic hair style as for example proposed by Rag & Bone for the coming season. Their style features tousled braids deep in the nape of the neck. This month, trendsetter Blake Lively shows a particularly exciting version of the new hair style. Part of her tousled reddish blonde mane is braided. The golden filigree hair slide adds a classy element to the otherwise wild hairdo. Luckily, it is very easy to create this hair style.

  • Tools that you need for the Blake Lively hair style:

    Blow-dryer, curling iron, volumising mousse, heat protectant, scrunchy, and a hair slide

  • This is how you style your hair the Blake Lively way:

    • Shampoo your hair; after towel-drying, work some volumising mousse through your hair. Also apply some heat protectant before blow-drying the hair.
    • Part your hair on one side. Then curl your hair around a curling iron strand by strand, starting at the ends of the hair.
    • Pluck the curls apart using your fingers. Then carefully brush the hair ends. This way you create only a soft wave.
    • Pull your hair sideways over one shoulder without worrying whether you gather all hair. Some stray strands only add to the casual nature of this hair style. Now start French braiding a strand of hair by partitioning off a strand of the covering hair in front. Divide this strand into three approximately equal sub-strands. Braid these three sub-strands by weaving the medium sub-strand over the right sub-strand and finally weaving the left sub-strand over the medium sub-strand. Now, add a few more hairs from the side to the right sub-braid. Weave the right sub-strand over the medium one. Proceed in the same way on the left side of the braid. Keep braiding while adding hair from the sides. Do this until no more hair from the sides can be gathered into the braid. Keep braiding until you reach the end of the strand. We recommend keeping the small strands of hair successively added to the French braid as even as possible. This makes the French braid look more symmetrical. Allow thin wisps of hair to 'escape' the braid every few weaves. Don't worry about weaving sloppy braids or being inaccurate. Disorganised this hair style looks even sexier.
    • Secure the end of the braid with a scrunchy and tease the free ends of the braid. Wrap a thin strand of hair around the scrunchy and use a hair pin to secure it.