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The Long Bob with Fringes Is This Month's Hair Style of the Stars

Rose Byrne Wearing her Long Bob with Fringes
Rose Byrne's fringes start on the crown of her head and fall deep into her face
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Rose Byrne's hair style features two trendy style elements at the same time, the bob and fringes. We are thrilled by it and let you know who looks good wearing this hair fashion, how to style it in three simple steps and how to maintain the amazing look

  • The bob is the chameleon among the hair styles because it adapts to so many occasions. Rose Byrne of 'Bridesmaids' fame wears the bob with thinned out ends, which are turned inward during blow-drying. The eye-catching feature is the thick fringes falling to the eyebrows in a soft semi-circle. Coppery brown streaks add depth and the lively appearance of movement to her hazel hair. We are thrilled to award the title 'Hair Style of the Month' to this elegant and feminine long bob with the attractive fringes.

  • Who Looks Good Wearing the Long Bob with Fringes?

    The long bob with fringes flatters oval and heart-shaped faces. If the shape of your face is more on the round side this hair style is not for you. Straight or only slightly rounded fringes lend small faces more substance. The hair length may vary between chin and shoulder-length to suit your personal taste.

  • The Ideal Hair Care for the Long Bob with Fringes

    The key to the eye-catching beauty of this hair style is healthy looking supple hair with deep lustre. Do not forget to prepare your hair well for the styling. The shampoo and the conditioners should be rich with oil (e. g. Jojoba oil) to create a silky shine without taking the spring out of your hair. Styling this long bob requires heat styling. You should therefore protect your hair from breaking and developing split ends by treating its ends to a nourishing serum. Hair spray for extra shine (gloss spray) adds a healthy shimmer even to very dry hair.

    See our instructions below; they help you create a long bob with fringes looking just as glamorous and expressive as Rose Byrne's.

  • Here is what you need for the Star Style of the Month:

    Heat protectant, styling mousse, a small round brush, a small-diameter flat iron, and hair spray for extra shine

  • Styling the long bob with fringes:

    • Work styling mousse through your towel-dry hair. Then coat your hair with a film of heat protectant before blow-drying it over a round brush to bend toward the inside
    • Strand by strand, pull the hair through a flat iron
    • Apply some hair spray for all-day hold to your long bob with fringes
  • Tip for Styling the Fringes

    Use a comb to shape the fringes immediately after the shampoo while your hair is still damp. Once the hair is dry, those fringes may stubbornly resist styling.

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