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The Berlinale 2011, a Great Red Carpet Event

Berlinale 2011
15-year old Haille Steinfeld (star in ‘True Grit’) poses for the photographers. Her styling fits the bill
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Berlin is known as frugal but sexy. Once a year however, Berlinade director Dieter Kosslick rolls out the red carpet for the stars in the great bear hunt. (The awards are in the shape of a bear, which is also the symbol of Berlin.) This is the signal for Berlin to pull out all stops and show its glamour for the Berlinade film festival

  • Last night, the 61st Berlinade started with the opening movie ‘True Grit’. The new film version of the massive epic tale by Charles Portis was produced by the well-known Coen brothers. None of the roughly 1,600 Berlinade guests wore lavish or glittering robes; they rather seemed to prefer simple elegance. At least among the female guests, we did however see beautiful hair and sensational hair styles. With a few exceptions, men opted for the very natural look, although in some cases this may be putting it mildly. Plenty of hair and even more beard were the new trends at least according to the True Grit leading man Jeff Bridges and director Joel Coen.

    Striking was the preponderance of updos. The moderator Anke Engelke, the enchanting leading teen actress in ‘True Grit’ Hailee Steinfeld and the actress Hannah Herzsprung all showed up with enchanting updo versions. In contrast, the jury president Isabella Rosselini and the actress Christiane Paul convinced with equally glamorous short haircuts. Below we show you our favourite Berlinade hair styles.

  • Star-Looks Berlinale 2011

    Hailee Steinfeld

    © Getty Images  

    Hailee Steinfeld’s High Chignon

    The endearingly natural ‘True Grit’ lead actress Hailee Steinfeld is only 15 years old. In terms of glamour she is by no means second to her adult colleagues. Her luxurious chignon on top of her head adds to her style and beauty

    Isabella Rosselini

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    Isabella Rosselini’s Very Short Hair Fits Her Style

    Jury forewoman Isabella Rosselini deserves an award for her boy cut, which perfectly fits her clear and expressive facial features

    Nina Hoss

    © Getty Images  

    Nina Hoss and Her Glamour Ponytail

    Actress and jury member Nina Hoss convinces with her understated elegance. She wears a straight ponytail and has her long fringes combed to the side

    Hannah Herzsprung

    © Getty Images  

    Hannah Herzsprung Wears a Plain Chignon

    Actress Hannah Herzsprung looks intriguing. The colourful graphic patterns on her dress, the bright red lips and the deliberately simple chignon in the back of her head all add up to a complete and consistent style

    Marie Bäumer

    © Getty Images  

    Marie Bäumer Shakes Her Wild Curls

    Whatever the jury decides, we award Marie Bäumer a prize for her style. Her natural chestnut-brown curls complement her plain coral-coloured dress

    Natalia Wörner

    © Getty Images  

    Natalia Wörner’s Hair is Straight and Shiny

    Such lustre is extraordinary and ample reason for Natalia Wörner to wear her gorgeous nougat-brown hair straight and free flowing

    Sibel Kekilli

    © Getty Images  

    Sibel Kekilli with Soft Wavy Hair

    Actress Sibel Kekilli impresses with her plain beauty. She is also known for her wit. Her hair is parted angularly on one side and flows in soft waves

    Nora von Waldstetten

    © Getty Images  

    Nora von Waldstetten in Hollywood Tradition

    Nora von Waldstätten made her appearance in a pastel-coloured, gown with gathers. She simply pinned her side hair high up in the back of her head

    Christiane Paul

    © Getty Images  

    Christiane Paul Wears her Long Pixie Well

    Such gorgeous eyes deserve to be noticed, and the pixie haircut draws all the attention to their beauty

    Nadine Warmuth

    © Getty Images  

    Nadine Warmuth Gathers Her Hair in a Soft Role in the Back

    The very elegant Nadine Warmuth has a style of her own. She uses pins to shape her hair into a large soft roll in the back of her neck

    Josh Brolin

    © Getty Images  

    Smart Looking Josh Brolin

    In 2007, Josh Brolin convinced as a lead in the thriller ‘No Country for Old Men’ (directed by Noel). Yesterday, he convinced us with his smart casual look with side parting

    Jeff Bridges

    © Getty Images  

    Jeff Bridges - All Natural

    Of course, aging cowboys and exceptional actors can look anyway they want to look. Still, we believe that Jeff Bridges would look even a tad more appealing to us without the full beard

    Joel Coen

    © Getty Images  

    Joel Coen Sports His Best Genius Look

    Director and producer Joel Coen does not need glamour to be interesting and should experiment only in the art of making movies. In real life, glasses, beard and hair are secondary

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