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Heidi Klum – One Star, Five Looks

Heidi Klum
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She looks good no matter what her hair style. Heidi Klum always looks attractive. Her thick blonde hair allows her to experiment with many hair styles, from wild mane to classic updo. Have a look!

  • Heidi Klum is successful at everything she does. People all over the globe are inspired by her spontaneity, her always cheerful attitude but also by her versatility. In matters of styling she pulls out all stops. Right now, she seems to like a natural appearance. She clearly demonstrated this at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. However, Heidi Klum is in principal game for any kind of look. Let’s enjoy a hair style show with Heidi Klum!

  • Heidi Klum: One Star, Five Looks

    Heidi Klum

    © Getty Images  

    Heidi Klum: Look 1

    Here her hair is rigidly pinned back but her smile is warmer than ever. We expect nothing less from Heidi. You see her here at the den American Music Awards 2010



    Heidi Klum: Look 2

    At the Roberto Cavalli party after the 2010 show in Milano, Heidi wears a casual ponytail with long fringes



    Heidi Klum: Look 3

    Recently in New York, Heidi Klum looked business-like wearing a classic hair style. It was different but also very appealing



    Heidi Klum: Look 4

    The Emmy Awards in August of 2010 called for glamour. Heidi Klum certainly achieved this with her strapless dress and loosely pinned updo



    Heidi Klum: Look 5

    Admire yet another one of many Heidi looks on the occasion of ‘Project Runway’: She wears the rock and roll quiff well