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Hair Style Voting: Who is the Boy Cut Poster Girl?

Agyness Deyn vs. Robyn

Model Agyness Deyn and electro-pop princess Robyn stand out with their very own hair styles. They both attract a lot of attention with their platinum blonde boy cuts. No other hair style could be more distinctive, but who is best at carrying off the stylish boy cut, Agyness Deyn or Robyn? Please vote, the decision is yours!

  • Hait Style Voting: Boy Cuts
    Robyn's short cover hair is combed forward in an exacting fashion, while Agyness Deyn wears her short hair a bit tousled. Who looks better with the boy cut?
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  • The platinum blonde short hair is Agyness Deyn's special hallmark. In 2007, she climbed all the way up to the top of the fashion Olympus. With her fresh boy cut and Doc Martens on her feet she was crowned 'Model of the Year'. In the following years, she made the covers of Vogue, Elle and The New York Times. The houses of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Burberry, Armani and other famous fashion houses were quick to get a piece of her fame and style.
    Even the best fashions fade with time, and there came a time when Agyness Deyn started looking for a new distinctive look. On the way to her new image, she tried a black mop-top and an ash-blonde military cut to name only two of a series of more or less horrific hair styles. The solution was as clear as the light of the day: The platinum blonde boy cut is the ideal hair style for the 28-year old. This style uniquely suits her face and complexion. Meanwhile, this obvious fact has not escaped Agyness Deyn either. Once again, her hair is short and freshly bleached. How about her career? All is well with her career too. Shortly, Agyness Deyn is going to take the role of a dancer in the remake of the movie classic 'Pusher'.

    Robyn started her singing career wearing short blonde hair. At the tender age of 16 she published her first record and in 2005 she even published her own music label. She worked as a background singer for Britney Spears and Snoop Dogg. The now 31-year old Robyn rocked her way to fame when she appeared with her own band in the opening act of Madonna's 'Sticky & Sweet' European tour. Now, the Swedish singer and her newest albums 'Body Talk, parts 1 and 2' are no longer sleepers.
    Just like Agyness Deyn, Robyn is not going to be pigeonholed. The singer creates her own looks in the most playful ways using both male and female style elements. Gender stereotypes are not an issue for Robyn. Her playful individualism also extends to her hair style. The distinctive boy cut contrasts strikingly with her soft, feminine facial features.

  • The Short Hair Competition: Duelling Boy Cuts

    Agyness Deyn's short hair style comes with irregular fringes. Her slightly tousled hair falls softly into her face. By contrast, Robyn combs her boy cut and her fringes accurately. There is an abrupt transition between the razor-short side hair and the longer covering hair on the crown of her head. Which one of the two boy cut styles do you like better?

    Agyness Deyn's tousled look or Robyn's neater look, which version do you prefer? Vote to give your favourite look an edge in the boy cut duel!

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