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Hair Style Voting: Who Wears the Curls Better?

Hilary Swank vs. Cameron Diaz

Hilary Swank and Cameron Diaz are as much part of Hollywood as the famous signature name in the Hollywood Hills. Hilary Swank has made a name for herself as character actress, while Cameron Diaz seems to prefer comedies and romantic movies. Both actresses have the same taste in hair style

  • Hilary Swank vs. Cameron Diaz
    Hilary Swank and Cameron Diaz both have plenty of reasons to smile. While their soft blonde hair is perfectly styled, one of them wears those curls better
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    If success depended on acknowledgements in the gossip columns Hilary Swank would be an unknown face in the crowd today. The prize-winning actress keeps her private life strictly private. Instead, she is known for her work. She catapulted to stardom with her role in the independent movie 'Boys Don’t Cry' and received her second Oscar for her role in the drama 'Million Dollar Baby'. The now 36-year old worked together with Clint Eastwood in this movie. Right now, movie goers admire her in the moving courtroom drama 'Conviction', which is well worth watching.
    Cameron Diaz represents the image of the always positive and upbeat California woman. Hollywood first acknowledged her talent when she starred in the movie 'There’s Something About Mary'. She has been starring in one romance or action comedy after the other ever since. Success validates her choices. The now 38-year old is one of the world’s best paid actresses. Different from Hilary Swank, Cameron Diaz shares her life's stories with the public. After relationships and affairs with colleagues like Matt Dillon and Jared Leto, she now shares her life with the American baseball player Alex Rodriguez who used to be intimate with Kate Hudson. In her newest black comedy 'Bad Teacher', Cameron Diaz stars with her ex Justin Timberlake.

  • The Hair Style of Cameron und Hilary

    The hair styles of female actresses are almost always as interesting as their movies. The 'almost' covers the hotly discussed brunette phase tried out by Cameron Diaz. In our contest, the actresses pose with soft casual curls. The hair style suits both actresses well. However, one is going to be the winner in our hair style contest. We can’t wait to see who you declare the winner!