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Hair Style Voting: Who looks best as a redhead?

Julianne Moore vs. Amy Adams

Both are brilliant actresses. Julianne Moore’s fans can’t get enough of her recent relationship comedy 'The Kids Are Alright' and in February, Amy Adams was nominated for an Oscar for her role in 'The Fighter'. The two actresses also share their experience at being redheads. Please vote for the actress who you like best as Little Red Riding Hood

  • Julianne Moore (50) has an easy way of slipping into different roles. After her stellar performance as lesbian Mom, she is soon going to turn into the Republican Sarah Palin in 'Game Change'. The director of this made for TV movie is Jay Roach who already gave us a good laugh with the documentary and comedy 'Bruno'. We can’t wait to see the new movie.
    Amy Adams (34) has always given her best in any role. She stands out because of her performance rather than scandals. After starring in a series of B movies, she has emerged as one of Hollywood’s best-paid box office magnets. In 'Catch Me If You Can' she kissed Leonardo di Caprio. She was nominated three times for an Oscar and for the Golden Globe Awards. This year, she was nominated for her role in the boxing drama 'The Fighter' in which she starred side by side with Mark Wahlberg.