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Hair Style Voting: Who Wears the Hair Style Best?

After a turbulent year, Sandra Bullock has settled down again showing a strong and confident public image. Leona Lewis keeps her private life pretty much out of the limelight and the media focus is therefore more on her singing career, unless of course they can get a shot at her often quite revealing outfits. Still, the two stars are opposites except for the hair style. They indeed wear twin fringe hair styles

  • Sandra Bullock vs. Leona Lewis
    Sandra Bullock and Leona Lewis wear almost identical hair styles. Their hair differs only in length. Our question to you is, “Who looks better with the super-long fringes?”
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  • Even though she received an Oscar in 2010, Sandra Bullock (46) has weathered a tough year. She received the coveted award for playing the dramatic leading role in the movie 'Blind Side'. The triumphant celebration not quite over, she experienced her own private drama in the final separation from her husband Jesse James. The press attention was as tumultuous as it seemed unavoidable. Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock's feet are on solid ground again, and she appears calm in her new found role as mother to her adopted son Louis from the recently failed marriage.

    So far, Leona Lewis' (26) charmed life did not include private turbulence. The singer earned worldwide successes with her role in the show 'The X-Factor', her mega hit 'Bleeding Love' and her first album 'Spirit'. It was a dream coming true for the British singer. From her earliest years, Leona lived and breathed music. Her second album ‘Echo’ is also quite remarkable, not least because of her collaboration with Justin Timberlake.
    After this introduction, you decide on the star who wears the extra-long fringes to victory in our hair style voting contest.