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Men Can Wear These New Hair Styles

Finally, the ‘oh-well-this-will-have-to-do’ times are over and gone for men’s hair styles. We are glad. Styling is not only for women any more. Men also do more than just towel their hair dry. Look at our gallery of the trendiest men’s hair styles. They are as wearable as they are easy to care for. This leaves time for the important things in life.

  • Spiky Men's Hairstyles

    Spiky Men's Hairstyles

    Spiky hair looks bold and a bit sassy. Still, wearing spiked hair no longer turns heads when the dress code is on the elegant side. See how our featured stars wear their spiky hair. Our styling tips will help you master the styling

    Pointers for Styling Spiky Hair
  • Men’s 2013 Hairstyles

    The Best of Men’s 2013 Hairstyles

    In mid-January, all eyes are on the Italian fashion metropolis. At the ‘Milano Moda Uomo’, the famed fashion houses present what men will wear in the 2013 fall and winter seasons. Here they are: our favourite 2013 men’s hairstyles to go with the new fashion!

    Men’s Hairstyles as Seen in Milan
  • The New Men's Crop

    The New Men's Crop

    The new crop is razor short and just a smidgeon longer on top. The hairstyle has all the attributes of every man’s dream woman – easy to handle and uncomplicated all around. Robert Pattinson and Adam Levine show how to wear the crop with attitude

    What's new about the men's crop?
  • Undercut for Men

    Cool Guys Wear Undercuts

    For the trendy new men's hairstyle the hair is cut very short on the sides and left longer on top. We show you how Josh Duhamel and David Beckham wear the new style and provide styling tips

    The Trendy Undercut
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