2014 Hairstyles for Men from the Milano Moda Uomo

2014 Hairstyles for Men
Never mind whether you prefer wild curls over straight fringes, the 2014 hairstyles for men satisfy every taste
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End of June, men’s fashion and new looks got all the attention in Milan. At the Moda Uomo Milan, designers had their say about the 2014 fashion for men. This includes hair fashion. In our photo gallery, we show you what long and short hairstyles the designers had in store for men

  • Les Hommes, Bottega Veneta, Marni and Marc Jacobs are but a few of the designers showing their stuff at the Milano Moda Uomo in Milan between 22nd and 26th June this year. With their newest fashion for men’s clothing go the new hairstyles for 2014. Long or short, straight or curly hair, the designers had a new style for you!

  • 2014 Hair Fashion for Every Man

    In their spring/summer collections for 2014, designers showed their new take on men’s fashion. Once again, some designers leaned toward the traditional while others developed their unique style and favourite looks. The same can be said about the hairstyles their models wore on the catwalks of the Milano Moda Uomo. Styling hair with gel remains popular with designers. However, some designers favour long rock-style hair fashions. Thanks to designer Vivien Westwood, the bandana is back in style. Fashionable men must go out and get their own unique bandana! In our photo gallery, we show you our favourites among the new hairstyles for men.

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