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Men's Hairstyles at the Milan Fashion Week 2013

Men’s 2013 Hairstyles
Please pry away your attention from the sweater for a moment if you will. Well, you may have noticed the trendy hairstyle of this model for Z Zegna anyway. The side hair is razor-short. After the top hair is combed in various directions, it is kept in place with the help of gel. Bellissimo!
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In mid-January, all eyes are on the Italian fashion metropolis Milan where the Milano Moda Uomo excites onlookers and designers of men’s fashion alike. Ecco! Here we go! Enjoy our selection of terrific men’s hairstyles for the fall and winter seasons of 2013

  • Laypersons always need a little while before they warm up to the parade of next year’s fall and winter fashion. We understand! This winter is about to cover them with snow. On the other hand, it is always exciting to see what the top designers have in store for us or in this case, what they have in store for men.

    Fashion shows keep us in the know about future looks and inspire us to find our unique styles. No longer is it the privilege of stars and celebrities to see the newest and most discussed coming fashion. Sometimes, fashion secrets stop being secrets long before they are uncovered in fashion shows.

  • Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: What is the Trend?

    We could not get enough of fashion and hairstyles on the catwalks in Milan. Emporio Armani, Gucci and other talented fashion designers not only presented intriguing new outfits but also exciting new hairstyles. The male models looked fabulous with short hair and long wavy top hair. Their naturally looking hairstyles included a side parting. Often, the hair was pulled into the face in side-swept fringes. The tousled versions of this hairstyle are clearly in style. We show our favourite looks in our gallery.

  • Gallery: Men’s 2013 Hairstyles at the Milano Moda Uomo

    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Roccobarocco

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    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Giant Wave

    This gentlemen’s hairstyle has the flair of knights in shining armour. The hair of this roccobarocco model is parted on the side and shows plenty of volume and bounce. The top hair is combed to the side in a soft large wave

    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Emporio Armani

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    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Short Blow-Dryer Hairstyle

    This Emporio Armani model’s hair looks casual yet well-groomed. The thick covering hair reaches to the ears. It is casually styled back. Using volumising shampoo or mousse and blow-drying your hair over a round brush will produce this kind of volume every time. Apply a trace of hair wax to accentuate some strands of hair

    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Gucci

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    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Layered and Stringy

    Gucci created this ideal hairstyle for men with fine hair. The layered hair is combed forward and to the side from the crown of the head. Individual strands of hair are accentuated using hair wax

    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Emporio Armani

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    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: The Side Parting

    This model for Emporio Armani demonstrates a beautiful classic hairstyle with side parting. The short hairstyle is ideal for men who want to add a modern touch to their traditional hairstyles

    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Etro

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    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Long Sideways Fringes

    The fashion house Etro presented this slightly feminine looking hairstyle with the long sideways slanted fringes

    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Fendi

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    Men’s 2013 Hairstyles: Lots of Tousled Hair

    Tousled is still the rage. This model for Fendi fashions has very thick curly hair with brilliant lustre. Volumising powder helps to create this hairstyle (simply distribute the powder in the palms of your hands and work it into your hair near the roots). Put a trace of hair wax on the tips of your fingers and twirl the ends of individual hair strands between your waxy fingers. This adds definition to tousled hair