Woman with a wavy bob hairstyle
Hair Styling | Bob hairstyles

The Bob – Cool, Elegant Perfection

Did this ever happen to you? Your hair stylist convinced you to an adventure of a hair style and now you hardly recognize yourself in the mirror? The new look was supposed to be sooo cool. This would have never happened with a hair style classic! As for instance the bob

The traditional bob is chin-long and cut in blunt lines with fringes. There are many variations. The bob may be shoulder-long, cut short to nose level and with middle or side parting. Bob haircuts suit any hair quality, and they look marvellous in any hair color. The important feature of the bob style is straight falling, shiny hair.

Smooth straight hair styled with a large round brush works best for a bob. While you blow-dry your hair, brush it strand by strand to the inside first and then to the outside. This makes your hair fall particularly beautiful. Use a flat iron and anti-frizz spray if your hair is naturally wavy or even curly. That gives your hair the sleek appearance of the true bob. Important Tip: The rounder your face, the longer should be your bob.