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Top Tips for Beautiful Hair

Honestly, how many people really have perfect hair? In most cases, the luster or volume is missing, the curls are unruly at best and for some unknown reason the hair ends are split again. We show you how to get beautiful hair.

There is a reason for the expression 'hairy situation'! Once again, there is no style in your hairstyle and there is not a trace of healthy bounce. Do you think some basic changes might help? We want to show you how you can start the hair rescue program with the right shampoo. It can provide your hair with exactly the right care – but only if you use shampoo with the needed care products. There are also some shampooing errors to avoid at all costs. Having set the scene, the road to marvelous hair is cleared.

Healthy Hair: The Proper Shampoo


Shampoo choices are endless. Find out how you can select the shampoo your hair needs. What you should know about shampoo: >> read more

Your problem may also be the way you style your hair. Blow-drying for example calls for some diligence so that you don't dry out your hair, your feathered 1960s hair style keeps its bounce and even fine hair shows some fullness. We want to let you in on the best blow-drying tricks and tell you how blow-drying can result in so much more than just hot air.

Prevent Blow-Drying Damage

Heat Protection

There is no way to dispense with the blow-dryer for quick-styling your hair in the chaos of early mornings. You can still maintain healthy hair despite the hot air if you apply the tricks from our little blow-drying guide >> read more

Making the Most out of Thin Hair

Thin Hair

Thin hair is no lifetime sentence and no reason for resignation. We are going to tell you about those magic bodybuilding tricks for fine hair here: >> read more



Sometimes, the devil is in the detail. In stressed hair, damaging influences have usually left the normally mirror-smooth hair cuticle layer in disarray. This takes all the luster and supple beauty out of the hair. Read on! There are ways to restore your hair to health and glamour.

More Light and Luster in Your Hair


Hair can look polished like metal. No magic wand is needed to create this shimmer. We share our secrets with you and let you know how your hair can look healthy and glamorous:  >> read more

Relief for Stressed Hair

Stressed Hair

Does the hair on your head feel like straw? Use these healthy hair tips to turn your hair from basket case to crowning glory >> read more

Do you have your own problems with unruly angel curls with an agenda of their own? There are actually gentle ways to tame the most unmanageable hair. We show you ways to transform your wild curls into the most orderly, beautiful hair.

Managing Curly Hair


Soft curls are great! However, curls can also unnerve you by stubbornly resisting all styling efforts. Learn here how to show your mulish curls who is boss: >> read more