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How to Have Healthy Hair

Everybody wants to have a healthy looking full head of hair with vibrant shine and a deep glow. We show you ways to achieve this kind of hair. Using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair daily is one of the tips we have for you

There are many factors which determine whether you can realize your dream of having healthy hair. How can you give your hair more volume? How do you make it stronger? Is there a way to intensify your hair colour and give it rich natural luster? Achieving all this is a matter of proper hair care and treating hair and scalp with tender loving care.

Scalp Massage for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair emerges from the hair roots. This is where you should focus your approach. Gentle scalp massages stimulate hair growth. ‘Gentle’ is the keyword. Forceful massaging can stimulate the sebum production and lead to an oily scalp.

Proper Hair Care for Healthy Hair

It is important to select the hair care products which are most beneficial for your hair and supply the needed substances for your particular type of hair. Be sure to consider that your hair may have changed with time, circumstances, and your hair styling habits. Your hair care choices should reflect these changes. If you are not sure about the right care for your hair you may want to consult with your hairdresser and ask him or her for a scalp and hair analysis.

Be Gentle with Your Hair

A gentle touch goes a long way toward keeping hair healthy. Don’t damage the outer cuticle layer of your hair. This includes drying your hair gently after a shampoo rather than rubbing it forcefully and to use brushes with smoothly gliding natural or mixed bristles. Hair accessories should not be made of metal or have sharp edges.

Apply Effective Hair Treatments

Regularly treat you hair to a conditioning treatment. This extra care revives damaged hair by providing vital agents like plant oils, moisture or protein. Conditioning treatments reduce the occurrence of split ends and restore hair to its shiny supple nature.

Hair Styling and Protection for Healthy Hair

Skin lotions with UV protectants protect the skin from sunburn. The hair should also be protected from too much sunshine and heat. Be sure to wear your cap or hat whenever you spend a considerable time in the sun. Always apply heat protectant before you use heat styling tools on your hair.  

Healthy Hair with Vibrant Colour

Healthy hair shows a radiant glow, which brings out the beauty of your natural hair colour. You may want to enhance the natural colour of your hair.