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Giving Luster to your Hair: The Best Advice for Shiny and Beautiful Hair

A full head of shiny hair is no longer the privilege of women in shampoo commercials. We are going to show you the way to lustrous hair – and also tell you what robs your hair of its lustrous beauty

Stunning luster

Proper hair care restores stunning luster to dull lifeless hair

Most women dream of lustrous silky hair. Unfortunately, enjoying the supple flow of their hair remains a dream for most considering the struggle with never-ending bad hair days. Often, the hair looks dull, stringy and unmanageable. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Today’s hair is subjected to some stress brought on by washing with hot water, elaborate air-drying and styling. Indeed, women do need a lot of information to bring the shine back into their hair.

Few women realize that large amounts of conditioners will weigh hair down and reduce its volume. Too much conditioning leaves hair hanging limp and looking neglected. Using only small amounts of any conditioner and styling aid works much better. No more than a hazelnut- or walnut-sized portion is needed to keep hair shiny. You should always wash your hair with comfortably warm water. Washing with hot water is hard on your hair and makes it look dull. Hair can be easily damaged when it is still wet after shampooing. It is best carefully dabbed dry with a towel. Never even consider rubbing your hair dry with a towel. Such treatment would lead the hair surfaces rough.

Combing damp hair with too much vigour is another habit, which should best be dropped.  If done forcefully, combing damp hair may even break some of the hair. Casually running a wide-toothed comb through your hair in the shower is the better choice. Using a hair dryer with an attached wide round brush after shampooing may make the hair smoother and therefore add more shine to it. Running a brush with natural bristles attached to the blow dryer through your hair from the scalp to the ends is especially gentle and therefore works best.

Certain foods can also give you more lustrous hair. Such foods are for example grains, meat, peaches, spinach, carrots and peppers. These foods contain a lot of vitamin C, E and A, which strengthen and protect your hair.

Special conditioners for shiny hair can make up for the daily stress on our hair. The used hair care products should not only fit the hair type, the condition of your hair and the hair color but they should also match and enhance each other. This kind of selection offers you the best of care for healthy hair. Without doubt, hair must be healthy to be shiny. Increasingly, shampoos, rinses and styling products cater to the customer’s desire for healthy hair.