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Brilliant Times for Your Hair: More Gloss Now!

Finally, spring is here! Welcome sunshine brings new radiance to nature. The sun’s rays can also bring warmth and brilliance to your hair. Don’t even think of missing out on the beautiful effects! It is not hard at all to awaken the luster in even the dullest hair using our five easy-breezy tips

Brilliant luster for your hair

Brilliant luster in your hair is within easy reach!

For hair to look shiny it needs to reflect light. This works particularly well when the hair cuticles smoothly and evenly cover the core of your hair in a tight layer. The hair then reflects light like a mirror. The wrong hair care products, inclement environments and too much chemistry disturb the naturally smooth cuticle layer, and the rough unevenly layered cuticles can no longer reflect sunshine or candle light. This gives hair a dull, straw-like appearance. Here is the good news: You can do a lot to make your hair shine!

Hair in Shining Color

Oh no! No reddish tinge in the hair! It would be a pity if you could not shake that admittedly commonly held idea. You may reconsider because reddish hair pigments reflect light very effectively and therefore give hair a particularly intense luster. Using hair dyes or intensive color treatments in reddish hues is a great way of infusing hair with brilliant shine. Even blondes have no reason to fear the Pumuckl effect because the red color palette includes such trendy hair colors as golden blonde, strawberry red (reddish blonde) and copper. If you want just a hint of red you can set brilliant accents with some streaks.

Special Care Shines Through

Women with fine or thin hair often avoid hair conditioners or any nourishing hair products. Limp fine hair is obvious worse than fine hair. Our advice is to treat dull looking fine or thin hair to one of the very light leave-in cures or to a rinse, which is specially designed for thin or fine hair. This will infuse your hair with new radiance. Another very effective strategy for fine hair is conditioning the hair before shampooing it.
In case you call a head full of rich strong hair your own, a gloss cure or hair mask will give it gorgeous luster by lining up every scale in your hair’s cuticle layers.

Squeaky Clean Shine

Residues from shampoos or conditioners as well as lime from hard water also take the luster out of your hair. It is therefore important to thoroughly rinse your hair after a shampoo or treatment until it is squeaky clean. Acid hair rinses help against lime residue from hard tap water. Acid rinses are prepared by adding a tablespoon of apple vinegar or lemon juice to one litre (1 ¾ pint) of cool water. Do not rinse your hair after the acid rinse, but continue drying and styling your hair as usual.

Shiny Rewards

Using a hair brush to style your hair also puts sparkling highlights into your hair. Brushing your hair across your head in all directions with a flat paddle brush is ideal for short hair. Round brushes are perfect for brushing rich gloss into longer hair. You should however ensure that the bristles of your round brush are long enough. With a not too thick strand of hair curled around the brush the bristles should still slightly extend beyond the layer of hair. This way you create a particularly even and smooth cuticle layer. We also urge you to stay away from brushes with plastic bristles. Wild boar bristles are more expensive but they are also much more effective. Different from plastic bristles, boar bristles evenly disperse the sebum through your hair from the roots to the tips.

Precious Oils for Sparkling Glow

Curly, kinky or nappy hair often appears dull because the hair structure interferes with the light reflection. Oil-containing hair care products come to the rescue. Oil makes hair smoother, prevents breakage and even suppresses the frizzy appearance of split ends. If your hair still needs more care your hair stylist can apply a glazing treatment with precious amaranth oil.