Woman inspecting her damaged hair
Hair Care | Damaged Hair

Emergency Help for Damaged Hair

Hair takes quite a bit of abuse without complaint like frequent shampooing, color treatments, blow-drying, and straightening. However, even the best of hair eventually reaches the point of no return and makes us face the reality that hair is not indestructible. At that point, many harsh treatments have added up to one hair disaster with dryness, split ends and nappy hair. Smart hair repair products are definitely a blessing in this situation. They repair the damage and allow you to enjoy silky and healthy hair in no time at all

Hair consists primarily of tough, coiled peptide chains, which are then twisted together to the strong keratin hair backbone. In healthy hair, this backbone is strong and flawless. Damaged hair on the other hand shows all kinds or irregularities in the keratin scaffolding. There are many causes for such irregularities like improper care, frequent blow-drying with very hot air, using heated styling tools, and repeated bleaching. Sooner or later, the consequences of repeated harsh treatments become all too visible. Different from its natural silky nature, damaged hair looks straw-like, lacks all luster, and especially the ends show the tendency to break and split. The trick is then to repair the damaged keratin layer. Luckily, this can be done. Dependent on your hair type, you can find different products to repair your hair.

Precious Oils for Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is often also dry. This applies especially to curly or nappy hair. Frequent bleaching and streaking also dry out hair and damage the hair cuticles. Precious plant oils help to restore straw-like hair to its natural silky nature. All plant oils are beneficial for this purpose but Argan and sunflower oils work particularly well because they contain unsaturated oily acids, which resemble the natural lipids produced by the sebaceous glands. Damaged hair structures have quite an affinity for their very familiar structure and are ready to accept them as equivalent to natural hair substances. Dry, damaged hair takes especially well to Shea butter (also known as Karite), which is pressed from the nuts of the African Shea tree. Shea butter is especially rich in vitamin E and carotene. High concentrations of unsaponifiable ingredients account for the many therapeutic benefits of Shea butter for hair and skin. Shea butter ingredients are adsorbed by the hair cuticles where they protect hair from further oxidation and other damage.

Nature’s Building Blocks for Damaged Hair

Your hair may be damaged but also fine and smooth. In this case, liquids with keratin are the perfect repair solution. The keratin homes in on the damaged structures in the hair where it naturally fits. In this way, the keratin fills in and re-aligns the hair structure. Shinier hair is the immediate result. New products contain three-times more keratin than the older ones. They are therefore are boon for down and out hair.

Gentle Styling for Damaged Hair

You can do a lot for damaged hair even as you style it. Some styling mousse and hair sprays are designed to envelop the hair with a protective layer. Among other ingredients, they contain moisturising glycerol and the very beneficial castor oil for dry, damaged hair. Plentiful vitamins and precious oily acids in these styling aids restore health and shine to dull damaged hair. Of course, damaged hair needs tender loving care with a light touch. Instead of washing your hair every day you could give your hair a rest and use dry shampoo between shampoos. Be sure not to use hot water when shampooing your hair. Be gentle and use lukewarm water instead. Use only a wide-toothed comb on wet hair. After a shampoo, the softened hair is particularly sensitive to mechanical damage. Last but certainly not least, take it easy on the heat while styling your hair and always use a heat protectant. Allow your hair to air-dry whenever possible and use flat irons and ionic blow-dryers with heat controls.