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Take off Your Hat - to a Perfect Hair Style

We don’t really hate winter, but there is no denying that the cold, the heated air inside and wearing hats give short shrift to an organized hair style. Use our five tips for hair emergencies to revive your flattened or tousled hair style

It is only reasonable to wear hats or hoods in the cold season because most of the body heat dissipates via our head. Besides, it is fun to wear stylish hats and caps. The problem is taking off the hat. The hair underneath the headdress tends to be flattened or tousled and you may also have fly-away hair. In the worst case, you may have to put up with all of the above.

Preventive Hair Care

Heated air and wearing hats dries hair out, aside from making it rough and brittle. Therefore, hair needs moisture in winter more than ever. Consider using a conditioning rinse after each shampoo and treating your hair to a weekly cure. This keeps the hair smooth and prevents the occurrence of porous structures. You should not use your hair dryer at settings higher than medium. Your hair is exposed to enough heated air already in winter. Be sure to remove all hair styling aids before going to sleep so that your hair can sufficiently recover overnight. Your hair may be extremely dry in winter. If this is the case, working a small amount of a hair care product or tonic into the hair ends protects hair from getting too dry. Apply water or special hair tonics as remedies for a dry scalp.

Before Wearing a Hat

To avoid facing a flattened mane after taking off the hat you should apply hair spray to the hair near the roots before blow-drying it with your head hanging upside down. This provides the hair with more volume and saves it from being matted down under a hat. You should however stay away from teasing your hair, since teased hair tends to be out of shape in an unattractive kind of way after taking off the hat. Tip: For more hair volume you may apply special powders to the hair near the roots.

After Wearing Your Hat

Lightly work your fingers through the hair near your scalp after taking off your hat. Whenever appropriate, brush your hair with your head hanging upside down. Then shape your hair using hair wax or hair spray. Keep some styling crème available in winter at all times. You can easily work it into your hair without weighing it down.

Fly-Away Hair

In dry heated air and at low relative humidity your hair may be charged up with frictional electricity. Using plastic or metal brushes and combs increases this effect. You can avoid electrostatic effects by using combs made of natural wood or horn, which will quickly bring individual stray hairs under control. You can also bring individual hairs back in line using a trace of styling crème. Simply distribute a small amount of styling crème in your palms and then softly stroke your hair with your hands. You can also apply special conditioning hair spray and anti-frizz serum to your hair to make an end of your hair’s irritating capriciousness.

Wear the Proper Kind of Hat

Is your hair very sensitive and collapses under your hat despite all your efforts? If this is the case you should select the right type of hat to wear. Hats without seams to press on your scalp are easier on your hair and so are hats, which fit your head loosely.

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