Woman with straw-like hair
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Straw-like Hair Made Supple

There are those days when hair seems to have its own agenda and won’t quit insisting on its unruly ways. The hair resembles a bristle and the ends point in all directions. Once upon a time, your hair may have had something called luster … Don’t despair, we tell you how you can turn straw into silk

Straw-like hair is also overworked hair. There are a myriad of causes and include using the blow-dryer on high settings, frequent use of flat irons and bleaching. Other factors like illness, certain medications or crash diets can also cause the candyfloss texture of your hair. Whatever the cause, the hair cuticles are rough and their structure is not as smooth as it should be. Our short guide to emergency hair repair is going to help you deal with straw-like hair.

Perfect Care for Straw-like Hair

You may have put your hair through a lot lately like colouring, bleaching or perming. Are the effects all too obvious? It's time to give your hair some TLC with a gentle treatment. Begin with gently shampooing (that means no wild rubbing!) Gently massage the shampoo into your hair and on the scalp. This prevents tousling the hair too much and as a consequence you will be able to comb through the damp hair with ease. Using a conditioner after each shampoo is mandatory now. Gentle is the operative word in every step. That includes drying your hair. Wrap your hair into a towel turban before softly untangling it with a very wide-toothed comb. A leave-in hair cure makes combing your hair easier, and the cure contains extracts from cranberries and Acai berries. Both berries are chock-full of important vitamins and antioxidants with the power to protect hair from dryness, damage and the heat of the blow-dryer. They also repair some of the damage to the hair.

Styling Straw-like Hair Ever so Gently

Anti-frizz products or hair straighteners are even more potent hair tamers than leave-in treatments, especially if your hair is full and the individual hairs are thick. They coat each individual hair with a very thin silicon film, which covers and fills in fissures and defects in the cuticles. This leaves the cuticles smooth and shiny because they can once again reflect light.  The luster is back in your hair! Try and allow your hair to dry on its own, if you do not have the time for this luxury use the blow-dryer at settings no higher than medium heat and low air stream. Blow-dryers with diffuser attachment and ionizing technology are more gentle on your hair. Unruly hair becomes more supple and shiny after blow-drying the almost dry strands of hair over a large-diameter round brush. It is very important to keep the blow-dryer at least 15 to 20 cm away from the scalp and to always brush the hair in the direction from their roots to the ends. This flattens the cuticles and provides additional luster. You should select your styling products from series, which provide your hair with luster. Products with wax or gel wax work particularly well for straw-like hair.