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Leave-In Conditioners – The Flash Hair Miracles

Do you often get up late and have to leave your house in a hurry? In that case, spending a lot of time fixing your hair is not an option. Instead, this is the time for a leave-in conditioner on the fly. The advantage is that the hair conditioner has all day to condition, repair and beautify. Supple and shiny hair is the welcome result. We’re here to help you integrate deep hair conditioner treatments into your hair care program.

Leave-in hair conditioners can replace or complement hair rinses or conditioner after shampooing. The versatile treatments may also be applied to dry hair between shampoos. If used after shampooing, leave-in conditioners can add to the arsenal of hair tamers for unruly or very dry hair.

Right after a shampoo, the leave-in conditioner should be worked through the towel-dry hair or sprayed into it. Despite the light consistency of leave-in conditioners, you should remember not to use too much of it. Depending on the length of your hair, one or two strokes of the pump dispenser or ten to fifteen pushes on the spray nozzle should definitely be enough. After applying the leave-in conditioner, you may style your hair in the usual way.

The Light-Weight Leave-in Conditioner

If your hair and scalp tend to be greasy and even the lightest conditioner is too rich, a leave-in hair conditioner may be the light-weight solution. After shampooing the moisturizing conditioner can be targeted to the part of your hair that actually needs conditioning. The hair ends are the usual targets. Leave-in conditioners also work well for fine hair. There are, for example, collagen-containing leave-in cures, which give flat, thin hair more bounce. These leave-in cures may also be applied to the root portion of the hair where more volume and bounce is needed.

Leave-In Conditioners: Sometimes More Is More

Leave-in hair conditioners can often be the best conditioner for dry hair. If your hair is over-processed or dry, a leave-in treatment with shea butter, coconut extract or argan oil is a good choice. Some leave-in hair conditioners contain the hair building block keratin, structure-improving proteins and moisturizing glycerol. These cures are suitable for over-processed and damaged hair. You may decide to use leave-in treatments regularly in addition to conditioning shampoos and hair rinses to provide sufficient conditioning. Don't forget to add a weekly hair mask or hair cure to your hair care regimen.

Leave-in Conditioner: Extra Luster for Color-Treated Hair

Color-treated hair looks more brilliant after the application of leave-in conditioners containing enzyme-rich apricot kernel oil, panthenol for protection, and hair-regenerating keratin. These special ingredients add glow to any hair color. Special pigments in leave-in cures for blonde hair provide a golden glow. Very damaged color-treated hair may need a conditioning rinse and a leave-in treatment after shampooing. This applies in particular to hair after frequent bleaching. However, your color-treated hair may be quite healthy so that no more than a leave-in treatment is needed after shampooing.