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What Protein Can Do for Your Hair

Hair consists mostly of long protein filaments, which can be damaged as a result of frequent shampooing and heat styling. Over-processed hair can be dull and a very sad sight indeed. Protein-containing hair care products improve the hair structure and bring back the luster of healthy hair. Read on to learn about the new hair repair miracles

Are you a label reader? Do you check the ingredients in your favorite cookies? Do you carefully examine the content page before you read a magazine? Then you are probably also aware of the many ingredients in the hair care products you buy. You may have wondered about the benefits of ingredients like silk protein or keratin (the major protein building block of hair). What are the proteins doing to improve hair so much?

Limp and dull looking hair suffers from protein deficiency. The solution to this problem is fairly simple. Use protein-containing conditioning products to make up for this deficiency. As a result, your hair will instantly show more bounce and luster. What makes your hair so hungry for care and proteins?

Common culprits are hot water, prolonged hot blow-drying and combing. Perming your hair certainly has the same effect because it acts on the very protein structure of your hair. Whatever affects the structure of your hair very likely also gives it the well-known and very unwelcome look of over-processed hair. You can easily tell by the split ends and the absence of the silky luster, which is so appealing in healthy hair. The hair cuticles are damaged, and you can see it.

The Protein Hair Care Solution

Protein containing conditioning products (e. g. products with soy, silk, oat or wheat proteins) are able to repair brittle hair. The protein penetrates into the hair shaft where it repairs defects in the hair structure. A thin protective protein coating returns the silky touch to hair by filling in gaps and defects in the rough damaged cuticle layer. The proteins in the hair care products snuggle around broken down hair shafts and make them look healthier and stronger in an instant. Brittle hair returns to its silky nature and limb hair bounces again with your steps. No doubt, a healthy, energetic appearance also puts more bounce into your steps.

Tailor-Made Proteins for Your Hair

New technologies allow it to determine which protein structures in dull, brittle hair are damaged. Of course, the next step is helping nature to rebuild damaged structures by supplying exactly the proteins, which can fill the gaps and repair damaged structures. You are probably not surprised that these new master hair builders look very much like the hair’s natural protein building blocks. They are therefore better hair builders than their more dated counterparts. It only makes sense to use their superior abilities to restore your hair to its natural silky beauty.

More Help to Keep Hair Silky

Using heat protectant products is a necessity if you use styling devices like a blow dryer or flat iron. Heat tends to damage the structure of unprotected hair, which is mostly built from long coiled protein (keratin) strings.

Aside from using protein-containing hair care products you can also count on co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to help with synthesizing more of the hair’s protein building block keratin.

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