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Oily Scalp and Dry Hair Ends

Woman with oily scalp conditions need to shampoo their hair frequently. However, dry ends make frequent shampoos a dubious choice. The best solution is a hair care product, which cleans the scalp and keeps the hair ends supple in a single step

Most women with long hair are quite familiar with the problems oily scalp conditions and dry brittle ends will bring. The scalp needs frequent shampooing while the hair ends get more brittle and dry with every shampoo. New hair care products make an end of this dilemma.

The Clean Hair – Supple Ends Solution

"A problem well stated is a problem half solved" (Charles Kettering, Engineer and Inventor). Today’s hair care inventions help women with mixed hair conditions (oily near the scalp with dry ends). We introduce you to two strategies:

1. You can use a shampoo, which alleviates the oily scalp condition while delivering extra care to the dry hair ends. Special shampoos clean the oily scalp while at the same time conditioners with proteins provide intensive care. A final hair rinse makes hair smooth, supple, and manageable.  

2. The second strategy involves using a conditioning product, which also eliminates excess oil (sebum, fat) from the scalp, thus killing two birds with one stone. Your scalp is fresh and clean while the hair ends feel smooth and supple. Cleaning an excessively oily scalp and conditioning dry, brittle hair ends can now be combined into a single concept with sophisticated one-step hair care applications.

There are those days when there is just not enough time for a shampoo with one of the two-in-one hair care products. In such cases, dry shampoo is the solution. Simply spray dry shampoo onto the scalp and the root portion of your hair and gently rub it in using a towel. After a brief application time and after brushing out the dry shampoo, you will be ready to go.