Woman repairs split ends with hair end fluids
Hair Care | Split Ends

Hair End Fluids – No More Split Ends

Hair ends are especially at risk of showing the results of processing and damaging conditions. As a result, the ends need care more than the rest of the hair. Hair end fluids are designed to repair damaged hair ends quickly and effectively. Find out how to prevent split ends, and what split end fluids can do for your hair and how to make good use of all their benefits.

Wind, cold weather, UV rays and heat all damage our hair. The hair ends are more vulnerable because they are the oldest part of the hair, which has endured stressors for the longest time. Too much processing and inclement conditions often result in split ends, which are also brittle and dry. Hair end fluids quickly restore the health of hair ends and can help repair split ends.

The Proper Application of Hair End Fluids

Applying hair end fluids is quick and easy. Simply massage the hair end fluid into the damp or dry hair ends twice a week. Do not rinse out the hair end fluid after the application! To prevent split ends, a hazelnut-sized volume of hair end fluid per application is usually sufficient. Even a single application will produce incredible benefits.

What Hair Types Benefit from Hair End Fluids?

Hair end fluids are beneficial for every hair type. The ends of long hair are especially vulnerable and as a result need regular split end treatment and applications of hair end fluid. This applies in particular to dry and brittle hair. Every now and then, even normal hair needs conditioning care. Conditioning care products for the hair and the hair ends are therefore available for normal hair and for damaged or over-processed hair to get rid of split ends.

No matter whether your hair is straight or curly, hair end fluids are designed to infuse your hair with health and luster. Still, even with the best of care the hair ends need to be cut from time to time. This is essential to prevent split ends.

How Do Hair End Fluids Work?

Hair end fluid repairs split ends by sealing the ends of the hair shafts. Special ingredients in split end fluids penetrate into the hair’s keratin layer where they fill in fissures, repair, and condition the hair. Such active ingredients are oils and substances resembling the building blocks of hair. Thanks to this split end repair work and the nourishing oils, hair end fluids also have an anti-frizz effect. We know you will appreciate this bonus effect if your hair is brittle, dry or damaged.