Woman with winter hat and long curly hairstyle
Hair Care | Stressed hair

Winter Hair Cosmetics – Wellness all Around

First we huddle indoors in dry heated air and then suddenly, we weather bone-chilling temperatures and icy winds. Winter can be hard on skin and hair. Both need extra care when old man winter comes knocking. Why not treat yourself and your hair to a wellness day? How about a hair spa day? All you need is a little time and the right cosmetics to bring back the natural beauty not only of your hair. There are also a few clever tricks we like to tell you about

Hair endures quite a bit of rough treatment in the cold season. It is exposed to heated indoor air for hours and then suddenly has to cope with icy temperatures outside. Hair also does not at all take well to scratchy woollen hats. Pampering stressed winter hair starts with shampoo combined with hair cosmetics and a quick relaxing Shiatsu massage. Simply shampoo your hair as usual, rinse it well and apply a conditioner. Now put the palms of your hands and your interlaced fingers on top of your head and gently push your scalp toward the front, back and either side. Finally, put the tips of all ten fingers on top of your head and apply slight pressure. Then rinse out the conditioner and enjoy the invigorating effect of the massage. Your scalp is going to feel relaxed and so will you!

Hair Cosmetics: Power for Wimpy Hair

Cold wind, dry indoor air and heavy hoods can leave hair in a pitiful state. Lifeless and without natural bounce it is the very image of distress. It is not easy to whip winter hair into shape unless you use some rich care cosmetics to infuse your hair with new life. Conditioners, hair treatments, s and intensive conditioning masks turn your hair from limp and shapeless to beautiful and bouncy. If your winter hair needs intensive care conditioners with valuable lipids like Argan, Macadamia, apricot kernel and Jojoba oil are the right prescription. In the cold season, hair needs such a mixture of fat and moisture at least once a week. Remember to apply the nourishing hair cosmetics only where they are needed. Otherwise, you hair could start to look a bit bedraggled especially near the roots.

Hair Cosmetics: All is Well that Ends Well!

Upturned collars, thick earmuffs and turtle neck sweaters can roughen up the ends of the hair. However, the right kind of hair cosmetics quickly mend split ends. Split end fluid contains silicone oil, which coats the hair ends with a very thin film and holds the split ends together. In an instant, the hair ends look healthier and much less shaggy. One or two drops of split end fluid are usually enough to mend all split ends. If you use too much of the silicone oil your hair may start looking drenched and heavy with conditioners. Apply the split end fluid by rubbing one or two drops between the tips of your fingers. Then use your fingers to work the split end fluid only into the towel-dry hair ends. If needed work another drop of split end fluid into the ends of your hair after blow-drying.

Hair Cosmetics: Tricks to Ground Fly-Away Hair

Hair reacts in special ways to dry indoor air and icy outdoor weather. The result is often fly-away hair. Your hair is going to look tousled and overall unruly if you allow your wet hair to dry while it is in disarray. This can be easily prevented through the use of conditioners or leave-in moisturizing sprays with Shea butter, glycerol, panthenol or silk proteins. Aside from making good use of these conditioners, using the right styling tools also keeps your hair from lifting off. Using an ionic hair dryer reduces static electricity and leaves your hair much more amenable to styling. A gold-plated hair brush also prevents the build-up of static electricity and therefore keeps the hair from standing on end. When coming in from the cold wait a while before combing or brushing your hair in the dry air of a heated room. Keep a little hair oil at hand. It is a good weapon against fly-away hair. A trace of oil can magically turn stressed fly-away tousles into supple, shiny hair.

Hair Cosmetics: Standing Power for Clinging Hair

Hats are fun and they are trendy right now. However, they can ruin a hair style. The hair just keeps clinging to the scalp after taking off the hat. Start preventive measures against this hat effect by selecting shampoos and conditioners, which are made for fine hair. These hair care series contain nourishing collagen and special hair components like keratin. Use a silicone-free formula, which will not weigh you hair down and will not cause it to cling even more to your scalp. Hair cosmetics such as styling mousse or sprays provide your hair with long-lasting bounce. Styling mousse or sprays strengthen and invigorate individual hairs and therefore add volume to your hair. It is important to apply these products only near the roots where they are needed not to the ends.