Blonde hair with darker roots, a color trend for women
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Colouring Roots: You Can Do It

Whether the hair is platinum, ash or golden blonde or whether it is only accentuated with some lighter streaks, our fondness for the lightest of all human hair colours is not about to disappear. Blonde hair demands a lot of attention, and in all its variations it comes with the nuisance of the darker new hair growth also known as roots, the tell-tale sign of bleached hair. Is it necessary to cover up every millimetre of reality or is there a way to handle the colour difference?

What used to be a trend among many models and celebrities is not necessarily the desired style of all blondes. We are talking about dark roots. The good news is that there are solutions and tricks, which help to manage the color difference between the bleached hair and the darker newly grown hair close to your scalp.

Six Tips on Colouring the Newly Grown Portion of Bleached Hair

  • Tip 1:

    Take advantage of special hair care products for blondes. These products will intensify the colour every time you shampoo your hair and the conditioners will treat the hair so that the light lustre of your hair keeps dazzling everybody

  • Tip 2:

    There is also deluxe colour care. If you are in the habit of visiting your hair stylist regularly then you can simply make treating the dark roots part of your schedule. Colour touch-ups and intensive conditioning treatments every four weeks will give you a perfect head of blonde hair. Frequent colouring makes it essential to include the heavy duty conditioning in your routine

  • Tip 3:

    Wearing your hair without precise parting will take the edge off the root colour problem. Dark roots catch the eye far less when your hair is not parted in a particular spot. You may want to try it

  • Tip 4:

    Streaks in several shades distract from the darker roots, aside from giving your blonde hair a natural appeal. The streaks will therefore extend the time you can enjoy your blonde hair between colourings

  • Tip 5:

    Consider using several shades of blonde even when bleaching your entire hair. In the long run, this will provide for a more pleasurable experience with your blonde hair

  • Tip 6:

    Show the courage to wear your darker roots with pride. Today, it is quite common to see very light hair with darker roots on catwalks. The look is particularly showy and cool if your hair tone is on the matte side. Besides, the look cuts down the need for frequent hair salon visits. Your outfits should match the rock-style appearance of hair with darker roots and your choice of attire should be on the casual and fashionable side.  To say it succinctly, hair styles with clearly visible darker roots don’t go too well with the image of a tough business woman but may add to the style of a trendy young woman

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