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Hair Colour | Brown Hair

Tinting Rinses, Intensive Tinting or Colouration for Your Brown Hair

You may be bored with your natural hair colour or simply feel like trying a new look. There are many good reasons to colour your hair brown. Clearly, in terms of luster and shimmering highlights brown hair colour outshines the competing blonde colour choice by miles. You are free to select one of three different methods to change the colour of your hair, namely a tinting rinse, intensive tinting and colouration. We like to help you select the right method for your hair

Coloration for Your Brown Hair

Tinting rinse, intensive tinting or coloration: Three methods, one result

Imagine that! Brown hair sparkles with the most light-reflecting colour pigments and therefore outshines blond hair shades. Your professional hair stylist is able to help you if you are about to go brunette or like to put some sparkle into your natural hair colour. Alternatively, you can simply colour your hair yourself.

A tinting rinse is the method of choice for all who just like to check out a new hair colour. There will be no heart-stopping surprises and the colour will gradually fade out with each wash. Dependent on the intensity of the tinting, the colour magic will last up to 15 shampoos. Compared with hair colourings, tinting rinses are gentler on the hair. The colour pigments of the tinting rinse only attach to the outsides of the hair to generate a new hair shade and extra luster. The attached colour pigments give fine hair some extra volume. As a general rule, tinting rinses can intensify the natural hair colour or add some nuances of depth to it. However, tinting rinses cannot lighten your hair. Whoever has brown hair will keep the brown glamour but with new accents within the entire brown spectrum. A blond however, will turn into a brunette after a brown tinting rinse.

After a tinting rinse, the attached colour pigments lend fine hair additional volume

As you may have already guessed, as far as effectiveness is concerned intensive tinting ranks between the tinting rinse and a colour treatment. Intensive tinting can turn the natural hair colour darker by up to three shades. It is also a gentle way to cover gray hair. In principle, intensive tinting works like a colour treatment. In the process, the dandruff layer is opened up and the colour pigments are transported deeply into the hair. Similar to a tinting rinse, intensive tinting cannot lighten the hair colour and washes out after about 24 shampoos. The difference between tinting and intensive tinting rinses is this: If used regularly, intensive tinting will leave the hair slightly darker than is natural. If you use intensive tinting media repeatedly, you should therefore apply the intensive tinting only slightly beyond the new growth of hair. This keeps your hair evenly brown.

Hair colouration is the domain of the confident decision maker. The new hair colour will be permanent. Even gray hair can be completely covered. However, every few weeks you have to colour the newly grown roots of your hair. The frequency of these touch-ups depends on how fast your hair grows.

Do you want a permanent or a temporary colour change? Everybody who decides on a change of hair colour should first answer this question. When all is said and done, all three methods will achieve the desired effect. Your hair will shine in a new colour.

How to Colour Brown Hair

  1. Warm colour shades suit your hair particularly well if you have an olive or dark complexion with a hint of yellow or gold. Such colour hues are for examples caramel, bronze and chestnut brown. In case your complexion is cool with a hint of blue or pink, then you should select light brown or dark brown hair colours without red or gold hues.
  2. Consistent and proper care for your hair is the best foundation for a hair colouration. The result of a colouration is more dazzling and longer lasting if you start out with healthy hair and a smoothly attached dandruff layer.
  3. Tinting yields a more intense colour effect the longer you expose your hair to the colouring lotion. For a more intense colour you may decide leaving the colour in your hair for a few more minutes or even as long as half an hour.
  4. You will have more fun with your new hair colour and retain the colour pigments in your hair for a longer time if you change to special hair care for colour-treated hair.