Model with honey blonde hair color
Hair Colour | Dye Blonde

The Amazing Allure of Dark Blonde Hair

Have a few rays of light hit a head of beautiful dark blonde hair, and you will immediately see that its colour is really a tint of brown with golden flecks for structure and sophistication. We show you how to achieve this alluring hair colour and how to care for dark blonde hair

There is certainly nothing dull about dark blonde hair. This is quite apparent if you give the artist in you the time to look at the intricacies of this hair colour. The soft yet light warmth of this colour creates an air of natural elegance and femininity. Dark blonde hair has a way of framing your face softly without overwhelming your face and makeup.

How to Colour Your Hair Dark Blonde

The natural colour of your hair should be in the range between light blonde and medium brown if you want to use permanent or semi-permanent colour applications to achieve the desired dark blonde colour. Have a close look at your natural hair colour before you decide on a cool or warm dark blonde tone.

Beware: You may have previously coloured your hair blonde or added light streaks to it. These colour treatments involve bleaching, which extracts the natural red pigments from hair. As a result, the dark blonde colour application may not exactly provide the expected colour result.

After colouring your hair dark blonde, you may add a few highlights.

How to Care for Dark Blonde Hair

Only healthy hair with a smooth intact outer cuticle layer will show the full range of its beauty and colour. The pigments responsible for the hair colour reside deep within the hair shaft. When cuticles cover the hair shafts in tight even layers the full beauty of the colour will shine through them. This is where colour protection shampoos come in. Aside from conditioning the hair, they also protect the full beauty and intensity of your hair colour.

Makeup Tips for Dark Blonde Hair

Dark blonde is a soft, natural looking colour. Using nude makeup shades works perfectly with this colour. Light complexions in combination with cool dark blonde hair look particularly beautiful and warm dark blonde hair calls for bronze blush on light skin.

Styling and attitude can bring out the bolder side of wearing dark blonde hair.  Neutral colours work best in combination with dark blonde hair. 

Gold, ochre, and brown are ideal makeup colours for those wearing warm tones of dark blonde hair. Both the hair and the complexion will show a warm glow.
Cooler silvery makeup colours work well with the cooler tones of dark blonde hair.