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Bloggers Love to Dip Dye their Hair Ends

Dip dying hair is a popular trend. Colourfully dyed hair tips are a playful trend with no end in sight. Of course, there is a new twist to it this winter. No colour is too bright and no pastels are too unusual. You can see dip dying hair tips as the next logical step after colourful streaks. Bloggers love the look and so do we!

Not too long ago, dark roots were an absolute fashion no-no! Along came stars who smiled into the cameras wearing light hair with dark roots. This was all it took to turn the look into a trend. Dip dying hair was a practical solution. It was no longer necessary to colour the roots again and again. Darker roots are reminiscent of seaside holidays and sun-bleached hair ends. Who would not love to be reminded of carefree vacation days? The surfer look is easily achieved by bleaching the ends of darker hair. Colouring the root portion of light hair darker is no problem either.

Dip Dying Rainbows into Your Hair

Dip dye fans are not afraid of using colour in their hair. Trendy bloggers everywhere simply colour the ends of their hair using hair colour in all shades of pink, purple, green and many other colours. Sun-bleached hair does not need to be lightened before applying colour.

In this summer's dip dye trend the hair colours were blended with gradual transitions. Hard borders between colours were not in style. This has now changed. Go ahead, be creative not timid! Fade-out effects are no longer created in long bathroom sessions with colour and brush. Whether you paint your hair with hard lines or gradual transitions is entirely a matter of your taste. Just colour your hair ends in today's cool playful style.

Dip Dye: Elle Ribera in her blog Opium Poppies (left) and a passer-by photographed by Katja Hentschel ( explore the creative range of the new coloring trend

Fashion photographer Katja Hentschel (publisher of the blog glamcanyon.) is always ferreting out new fashions and trends. She discovered the young women with the turquois dip dyed hair where most trends are born, in the street. This time it was a street in German's capital Berlin. The medium blonde, shoulder-length hair with the turquois ends up to the ears is well complemented by Budapester shoes, a leather mini skirt, and a Peter Pan collar. All this is very trendy, yet somehow also innocent and sweet.

Elle Ribera is a student of photography in New York. In her blog named Opium Poppies she demonstrates the stylish dip dye trend herself. She dipped her long blonde hair into pastel pink colour. The turquois ribbon creates an intriguing contrast and the retro jumper completes the artistic image: Manga meets the sixties.

Juliett Kuczyńska runs the blog Maffashion. Her look with the dip dyed hair brightens even the dreariest winter day

Juliett Kuczyńska finds her inspiration in websites and in the streets. Juliett is an art student from Warsaw. She joined the dip dye trend but opted for a softer more natural version of the style. Her romantic photo collage creates an interesting backdrop for her version of the hair style. Check it out at her blog Maffashion.

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