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Oil Slick Color: The Rainbow Hair Trend for Brunettes

2015 was the year of the pastel hair, and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in 2016. But season after season, brunettes have watched as their light-haired friends went from bright teal ombré, to full-on pink without having to completely bleach (and damage!) their hair. The truth is, if you are a brunette, you've probably been feeling a little left out on the rainbow hair trend because turning your dark strands an opalescent color is way more of a process than it is for your blonde friends.

But there’s a new color technique for darker strands that makes your hair look iridescent. It's called oil slick hair color. At first mention, the term may make you wonder why anyone would want oily hair. But this chic winter beauty trend has nothing to do with actual grease.

Oil slick color is a style that applies a mix of dark blue, green, and purple tones over darker hair, giving it an iridescent appearance. This is similar to the pastel hair color trend, but its shimmery effect comes from blending darker shades rather than ultra-pale ones. The effect is a darker spectrum of colors all incorporated together with a bit of edge that looks good with really dark roots.

What makes oil slick hair stand out is that it’s mostly about using cooler colors (i.e. blue, green, purple, etc.,)  with a hint of one warm color (i.e. pink) worn against dark hair, like an oil slick. It’s designed to look dark in certain lighting and shine colorful in the light, like black oil.  Whereas rainbow contains all the colors in the spectrum, cool and warm.

If you have naturally dark hair, this is the perfect way to add a fun and unique color to your mane without the maintenance. You don't have to lighten it so much to get it there, so your hair will be in better condition. And while pastel shades tend to fade quickly, these deeper colors will last for months. It’s also more subtle than the pastel hair trend so there is less urgency to head to the salon for a root touchup the second you get re-growth.

If you decide to get on board with the oil slick trend make sure you are using products from the essence ULTIME Diamond Color and Radiance line, which is especially developed for color treated hair. The line not only nourishes your thirsty hair after the color process, but protects your beautiful blues, greens, purples and pinks from fading. If your tresses still look dry, be sure to use choose your styling products from the styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine and Hold line to give you locks the glossy sheen you desire.

If you’re a brunette looking for an edgier hair look this winter, try out the oil slick color trend. The bleach-free technique gives dark hair a colorful, iridescent sheen with some amazingly gorgeous results, without destroying your strands. The richer jeweled tones of the rainbow make this the perfect look for the season and a score for dark-haired girls everywhere.

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