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Not Our Mothers’ Hair Colors

Why not change your hair to the colors of plums, pomegranates or tomatoes or try any other color of the rainbow? Of course, with blue or purple hair hiding in the crowd is no longer an issue. However, then a hair, which shines and sparkles in bright and brilliant colors is important. We provide you with coloring and styling tips.

Trend setters have known this all along: Being boring is the kiss of death. Coloring hair purple, green, or blue is certainly a potent antidote against boredom. Of course, tribal habits no longer explain such color choices. A healthy dose of confidence is therefore of the essence.

Unusual Hair Dyes Are readily Available

Aside from the shades of blonde, brown, and black, the hair color aisles now also feature bright fashion hair colors. Experimenting with these bright unusual hair colors can be fun and it allows for an entirely new style. Such playful use of color offers a lot of room for individual expression. Mother Nature did not include such intense hair colors in her palette. Wearing purple, carmine-red or even green hair may therefore turn quite a few heads. Get ready to exercise your independent spirit if your new hair color choice follows the fashion color trends. You will be noticed wearing purple or bright orange hair.

Luckily, finding and using these unusual hair colors is easy. We provide a few suggestions, which may help you infuse your hair with fashion color brilliance.

How to Select Bright Unusual Hair Colors

Changing the color of your hair is certainly not a problem. Still, it may take you some time to find the bright extravagant color, which will enhance your style and complexion. 
A semi-permanent coloring application may be a comfortable solution if you are not quite sure about the color choice. Using bright hair dyes requires some skill. Permanent coloring applications result in brighter more intense color results.

Styling Tips for Brightly Colored Hair

Unusual hair colors are most impressive in combination with simple hairstyles. The colors unfold their full glamour when the hair is allowed to fall freely without too much styling. Casual beach waves emphasise the deep shine of her mahogany-colored hair. Simple styles and straight hair direct all attention to the glow and glamour of the hair color.

We hope the exceptional hair colors of the stars in our photo gallery will get your creative juices flowing.

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