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Bleaching Originally Gray Hair

Gray hair can be coloured in many different shades, such as platinum blonde, medium brown, fall colours or any other colour you may fancy. However, how do you go back to your original gray or white hair colour? The better you plan this move back, the easier it will be to get rid of the hair colour

Gray hair

Gray hair must be properly cut

Most women remain quite calm at the sight of the first gray hairs. They change their hair to the desired colour, turn the medium brown with some uninvited white streaks into a radiant hazel, and are all-around happy with the state of affairs. However, there comes the time when this procedure no longer works because the white regrowth near the roots carries an all too clear message. Too many patches are mostly white, medium brown hair is a memory and white hair is the reality now.

White roots underneath hazel hair are very noticeable and do not look so good. Your hair colour now needs frequent touch-ups. The hair colour is not the only feature showing signs of the passing time, your complexion and teeth also change. It seems that the hazel-brown all of a sudden is no longer the right hair colour. If you are familiar with these observations then a good haircut and shiny gray hair may look more harmonious and maybe even younger than coloured hair. This is a good reason to embrace the reality of gray or even white hair. At this turn of events, your hair style and prior colouring techniques determine how you can best manage the transition to wearing your hair gray or white.

Bleaching Gray Hair the Right Way: Six Steps

  1. The more drastically you have changed your natural hair colour before the more thoughts you should give to the transition strategy. Light blonde streaks can be allowed to grow out. On the other hand, you or your hair stylist should find different interim solutions for overall darker coloured hair. Such interim solutions could consist of colouring your hair in a transitional shade, streaks or a new shorter haircut
  2. The longer your hair the more careful you should plan the transition to gray or white hair. Dependent on the length of your hair, you may have to find transitional solutions for years. Applying gradually lighter hair colour to your hair over time is one strategy for a smooth transition from darker to gray or white hair. In this case, the last transition is from light blonde to white hair
  3. The fewer artificial red pigments you have applied to your hair prior to transitioning to gray the easier it is to bleach your hair. The transition from light blonde to gray or white hair is the least noticeable, especially if you put some light streaks in your hair during the transition
  4. Intensive tinting can also ease the transition to gray hair. Tinting covers gray and therefore helps to hide darker roots. With time, the pigmentation after tinting your hair fades
  5. If you are ready for radical change a gray or white pixie is your best choice. You should abstain from colouring your hair as long as possible and then use intensive tinting applications to ease the transition. With hair growing at a rate of 1 to 1.5 centimetres your hair will be void of artificial colours and ready for your new look after three months
  6. A modern up to date haircut and expressive make-up ease the transition to white hair. Red lips, clearly defined eyebrows and a fresh and natural looking haircut give you a sexy and energetic appearance