Woman rocks two-tone hair color trend
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Medium Blonde Hair with Light Accents

Streaks or lighter hair ends for a two-tone style enhance the structure and beauty of medium blonde hair. Combining caramel and light blonde hair creates a particularly appealing natural appearance. We show how to style medium blonde hair and add light accents

Almost unnoticed, medium blonde hair made an entrance in the fashion world. Traditionally, anything medium is in jeopardy of being considered ordinary. This certainly does not apply to medium blonde hair, which offers countless shading options and structural variations. Lighter streaks in medium blonde hair are especially expressive. Other variations include two-tone coloring with lighter hair ends. Reflected light in golden or caramel hair playfully enhances the radiance of medium blonde hair.

Freely moving medium blonde hair displays the golden shimmer and changing hair color nuances particularly well. Therefore, today’s simple hairstyles are the perfect choice for medium blonde hair. The hair color also adds style to short hairstyles, bobs, beach waves and updos.


1. Apply salt spray to your damp hair. Then hang your head upside down while blow-drying your hair. We recommend using the diffuser attachment of your blow dryer for best results.

2. Hold individual strands of hair between the flat iron plates and guide it along the strand of hair. Turn the flat iron rod around its axis where you want to create a wave. Then use some momentum to pull the ends of the strand through the flat iron plates towards the outside and past the hair ends. This will give the strands a beautiful S-shape. 

3. Apply hairspray for extended hold.