Rachel McAdams with ash blonde hair color
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Ash Blonde - The New Blonde Trend

It used to seem a bit dull but now the particularly matte ash blonde has emerged to new glory. Right now, ash blonde is all the rage

"Blonde never goes out of style!" This is certainly true. Fashion and hair color experts as well as everyone who is familiar with trend reports and fashion views can tell you that the trendy new blonde is of a very special nuance. Right now, the extraordinary light and matte shade of blonde steals the show. The trendy ash blonde appears self-assured, cool, unconventional and conservative all at the same time.

A look at your wardrobe will tell you whether the trendy ash blonde is right for you. Do you prefer raspberry red over orange red? Do you like cool colors like dove-gray, white and jeans-blue because these colors fit your complexion so well? If so, then ash blonde hair will definitely flatter you.

How to make the trendy ash blonde expressive and radiant:

  • Upon bleaching your hair to achieve the trendy ash blonde color you will remove your natural hair pigments. Possibly present red pigments may cause a yellow tinge in this process. If your hair shows red pigments you should reach for the newly developed bleaching products with formulations and pigment combinations, which neutralize the yellow tinge and lock in the matte blonde shade
  • Red pigments are hard to suppress in the bleaching process. Let your hair stylist help you with the first ash blonde coloring if your hair shows an obvious reddish tone