Woman wears short blonde updo hairstyle with blue streaks
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Trendy Blue Streaks

Beautiful tones, shades, and tints of blue are long-time favourites among the wealth of colours. Blue streaks are now all the rage in hair fashion. Shades and tints between cobalt blue, Turquois blue, and sky blue mingle with blonde, brown, and grey hair. In addition to enticing with their beauty, colours also influence our perceptions and moods.

According to a survey performed by the ‘TopTen’ Internet site, people’s favourite colour is blue, the colour of the sky and the ocean. The colour blue calms the mind and stands for freedom, tranquillity, harmony, reliability and trustworthiness. However, coldness and distance is often associated with icy and greyed blues. Choose aqua blues to create a relaxed and playful atmosphere. There is much to be said in favour of the colour blue not only while it happens to be fashionable.

The Beauty of the Colour Blue

Are you partial to blue or bluish eye shadow, mascara or eyeliners? It is only a small step from blue or bluish makeup to blue hair colour. Most women do not dip their entire hair into blue colour but rather dye only a few strands. Setting colourful hair colour accent will likely become a lasting fashion trend (see our featured photos)

Tip: Apply blue mascara to your hair to test whether blue streaks in your hair suit your style and taste

Playful (left photo): Blue streaks form an easily visible contrast with light hair (e. g. ash blonde). Cool blue and turquois streaks combined with soft waves and side flip brings back memories of the 1980s era. Royal blue eye makeup completes the style.

Breaking with Conventions (right photo): Young women colouring their hair grey with turquois accent streaks may seem rebellious or independent like our street style designer Carola Bernard.

Blue Streaks and Makeup

  • If you want to leave the stage to the blue streaks alone black mascara and transparent lip gloss are perfect choices. The makeup colours will not compete with the hair colouring.
  • A white eyelid line (see the right one of the first shown photos) creates a touch of mystique.
  • Warm makeup colours are also suitable matches for hair with blue streaks. You may want to use rosewood-coloured lipstick or an orange eyelid line (blue and orange are complementary colours).
  • Black and royal blue smokey eyes are a flamboyant choice, which works well with blue streaks.