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Layage hair: Everything you need to know about the season’s hottest trend

This season’s hottest new highlighting hair trend is already dominating 2016 and is sure to continue throughout the summer. Say goodbye to balayage, and hello to layage. The low maintenance highlighting trend involves dividing the hair into sections, laying it out on a large, flat board, and painting the color onto strands using a delicate brush. While the effect is similar to balayage, layage is all about the technique and the resulting subtle effect.

Layage, like balayage, is a technique where a colourist freehand paints strands of colour to form a cohesive blend of complimentary tones that create dimension and depth to your hair. Unlike balayage, this technique is designed to be done while resting your head on a specially crafted table, which gives the colourist maximum control over how the dye is applied, resulting in a merged, gradient effect. Layage is a much more controlled method than the traditional balayage technique and allows you to see every strand of hair fluently, providing more precision to this colour technique.

A good layage colour should be graduated seamlessly, uninterrupted in cascading hues and look as though you've been spending major time at the beach. If you're blonde, you can go for a blended sun-kissed look and if you're darker, then layage can be used to lighten your ends. Layage highlights pretty much suit anyone, of any hair type, but typically looks best on hair that falls below the collar bone.

If you do decide to jump on board with the season’s hottest colour trend, it’s a good idea to ask for a deep conditioning treatment while you’re at the salon, as it makes a big difference in keeping your hair looking healthy. And remember to maintain your layage colour with Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Diamond Colour Shampoo, and wash every other day. If you have extremely dry hair and dull colour, try “shampooing” every other time with Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Diamond Colour Conditioner instead.

All hair, especially highlighted hair, is weaker when it’s wet then when it’s dry. Only comb wet hair with a wide tooth comb after using Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Omega Repair 11-in-1 Leave In Conditioner. You can enhance the shine and colour of your layage highlights by adding Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME® Amber and Oil Oil-in-Serum to your hair care routine. A couple of droplets on towel dried hair is all you need. And of course, we always recommend using Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME® Crystal Shine Heat Protection Spray before you blow-out, curl, or straighten your highlighted hair.

The layage trend is being hailed as the most flattering colour technique to come out in seasons and is taking the beauty scene by storm. Stock up on your Schwarzkopf and book an appointment with your colourist today, to look totally hot and on-trend for summer.

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