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Hair Highlights: A Technique You Can Master at Home

Streaking your hair in different ways puts amazing highlights and a lively bounce into your hair. Light reflections add playful light and shadow effects and enhance the hair structure. Better yet, you can create your own highlights at home. We’d like to help you do a great job.

Streaks light up your hair – literally! Dependent on the product, home colour applications can lighten streaks of light blonde to medium brown hair by up to six shades. Your streaking technique decides whether you create thin, almost imperceptible streaks, broader highlights, two-coloured strands or even wide colour blocks. As a general rule, many very fine streaks create particularly natural effects, while broader streaks are bolder and more expressive.


Using a Streaking Cap to Create Naturally Looking Highlights


Using a streaking cap creates the most natural look. However, this method also takes the most effort. Below, we show you how to do it:


Step 1: Put the streaking cap on top of your dry combed hair and secure the cap by fastening the straps underneath your chin. Please don’t push the neck hair underneath the cap but simply allow it to stick out. Cover the exposed neck hair with a towel.


Step 2: You are now ready to pull strands of your hair through the perforations in the cap using the provided highlighting needle. Use every second or third perforation for fewer streaks. It is important to hold the highlighting needle as flat as possible. Make sure that the hook always points upward.


Step 3: Comb all exposed hair strands before preparing and applying the streaking mix to the hair strands. How long you allow the streaking mix to develop in the strands depends on the desired bleaching effect. The product instructions and colour chart will help you find the right application time for your hair.


Step 4: At the end of the application time and with the cap still in place, rinse the streaks with water. Only then should you remove the streaking cap. That will work easier and without painful pulling after first applying some shampoo to the streaked hair strands. You should then shampoo your hair before treating it to a 3-minute conditioning cure. Rinse your hair thoroughly and style it as usual.

How to Highlight Hair Using a Streaking Brush

You can create highlights only in select places using a streaking brush. This allows you to develop your own style with a few well-placed light effects, highlighted areas all over your scalp or select lightened areas like your bangs, for example. Here’s how to highlight your hair using this method:


Step 1: First, comb your hair thoroughly and part in its usual place.


Step 2: Now prepare the streaking mix and apply it to the desired hair strands using the streaking brush. This works best if you pull the respective hair strand away from your scalp. Avoid applying the streaking mix to the scalp as best as you can. We recommend leaving about a quarter of an inch of the hair strands near the scalp untreated. This will make the transition to the growing root portion look more natural later on.


Step 3: Styling the hair in the back of your head requires working with two mirrors or better still, the help of a friend. The application time depends on the original colour of your hair and the desired degree of bleaching.


Step 4: At the end of the application time, thoroughly rinse your hair with water before washing it with a mild shampoo. Allow the conditioner to remain in your hair for a few minutes. Finally, rinse your hair again.


Step 5: One more thing: Enjoy the highlights in your hair!

Use an Application Comb for Quick Streaks

A streaking comb on top of an applicator bottle allows you to set slightly broader three-fold streaks. Using the applicator bottle without the comb attachment creates fairly broad colour blocks or strands.


Step 1: Part your hair in a zig-zag line to create a casual look. Briefly practice using the applicator on a sheet of paper to get a feel for the required pressure on the applicator bottle.


Step 2: Hold the applicator with the bleaching colour mix vertically over your scalp and evenly guide it over a strand of hair in one sweeping motion. While moving the applicator tip evenly over the strand of hair from the roots to the ends, apply the pre-determined pressure on the bottle without too much variation. Keep the application time within the recommended range for the product. Then you are ready to rinse, shampoo and condition your hair as described for the other application techniques.

Other important facts when highlighting your hair at home:

  • Use the streaking application immediately after mixing it, and never save part of the streaking mix for later use. Only freshly mixed applications guarantee good results.
  • Before highlighting your hair at home, test whether you are allergic to the colouring mixture. You find instructions for the allergy test on the product package and in the usage instructions for the product.
  • Never cover the hair with plastic film or a shower cap while the streaking mix is in your hair. This may lead to hair damage because heat builds up underneath such covers, and the alkalizing agent cannot escape.
  • Be sure to wear old clothing and the included gloves while streaking your hair. Stray streaking mix may otherwise permanently cause light spots and ruin valuable clothing.
  • Be sure to avoid inhaling dust from the bleaching powder while mixing it with the developer liquid.
  • Use the provided conditioner after rinsing out the streaking mix. This keeps your hair looking healthy and beautiful.
  • Putting highlights in your hair right after a permanent is not a good idea. Allow your hair a recovery time of at least two weeks after either of these two treatments. Only then should you plan the next treatment.
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