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Creating Retro Hair Rolls

Where do you want to create your hair roll? Hair rolls along the neckline, on the crown of the head or along the sides are all the rage again. Hair rolls give every hairstyle a unique look, which will set the wearer apart from the crowd. You may wonder how to create these unique rolls and keep them from unravelling. Not to worry! We show you exactly how rolls are done

The hair roll stands out among all vintage hairstyles. They remind old folks of patriotic days in the1940s. Once again, designers, stars, and celebrities embrace the unique hairstyle.

Have another look at Carolina Herrera’s stylish hair roll (see the photo above)! In our step-by-step instructions, we show you exactly how such artful hair rolls are done.

How to Create Hair Rolls

1. Apply an about tennis ball-sized dollop of styling mousse to your hair. The hair should feel slightly moist. This will make styling a lot easier.

2. First part your hair either in the middle or on one side. Then part your hair across your head from ear to ear. Gather the hair in the back in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.

3. Apply hairspray to the front portion of your hair and slightly tease the covering strands of hair for proper volume.

4. Take a section of hair and gently pull it straight up. Now roll the section of hair around your index finger. Use a foam roller instead of your finger if you want to create a wider roll. Roll about half the length of hair around your finger or the foam roller before pulling out the finger or foam roller. Now finish rolling up the strand of hair.

5. Secure the hair roll with bobby pins and repeat the process with the remaining sections of front hair. Use a generous helping of hairspray to make sure that the rolls keep their shape.

6. Finally, release the hair in the ponytail and allow it to hang down, create an updo or create more hair rolls in the back of your head.

Of course, the make-up should match the retro style. Red lips and accurately drawn eyelid lines are perfect choices.

In his video, hair expert Armin Morbach shows step by step how to create a rockabilly hairstyle.

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