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Blog Trends: Mod Era Mop Tops

In the blogosphere, you don’t have to search long for mushrooms. Mushroom haircuts that is. The haircut is also known as mushroom, bowl or Beatle haircut. Whatever you call it, this haircut is the new fashion among bloggers around the globe. The retro hair style is in vogue – and we love it!

It's the darling of the blogosphere; it is cool, nonchalant and very debonair. No, it's not a description of your next date but this season's hair style trend. The trend revives the legendary hair style of the Beatles in short and long versions. The characteristic features are the round cut and long bangs. The hair style looks precise because the covering hair is not layered. This also gives the style the typical mushroom look. Straight hair is particularly suited for mushroom haircuts. Styling does not take much practice. Simply pull the hair inward over a round brush while blow-drying it. Remember to apply styling mousse! Add your personal note by accentuating individual strands of your bangs with a trace of styling wax.

Mop Tops: From the Swinging Sixties into a New Century

The casual haircut first came onto the scene in the 1960s. Its real name is 'five-point haircut'. Ideally, the hair falls in an even sweep from the crown of the head toward five points. The trendsetters of the olden days included the star model Peggy Moffitt and the creator of the mini skirt Mary Quant who contributed considerably to the fast success of the mop top style.

The Mod Era Mop Top
© Getty Images / Fosco Giulianelli, The Fashionist

Then and now: Top model Peggy Moffitt inspired an entire generation with her mushroom haircut. Recently, blogger Fosco photographed this stylish woman from Milan wearing today's trendy mop top hair style

The mop top has come back to life! One of the style’s greatest fans is Erin Laura Perez Hagström from California. In her blog named 'Calivintage' she regularly reports on current vintage fashion trends. We are not surprised that she embraces the mop top hair style because it perfectly matches the featured vintage retro outfits in her blog, which include flared 1960s dresses, high-waisted skirts, colourful pop art blouses and bell-bottom jeans.

Her Italian blogger colleague Fosco Giulianelli who has been living in Stockholm for the last 17 years likes to observe trends where they happen – in the streets. Whenever the 37-year old Fosco discovers a person wearing something interesting, he takes out his camera and gathers some shots for his blog 'The Fashionist'. The girl with the mushroom head certainly caught his fancy. The mushroom hair style sets her apart and gives her a classy nonchalant appearance.

The Mop Top as Transitional Hair Style

The mop top is not only trendy but also practical as transitional hair style. All hair is supposed to be of equal length. Allow your hair to grow and simply trim the longest strands every four to eight weeks until the mop top looks perfect and every hair evenly falls in line

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