Blonde woman with an 80s hairstyle
Hair Styling | 80s Hairstyles

80s Hair and Fashion Trends

Now is the time for adventures in colorful and expressive fashions. There is no better inspiration for going all out and showing your colorful and daring side than the fashion trends and hairstyles from the eighties. Even if creating fashion shock waves is not quite your cup of tea, you will still adore our softer versions of the 1980s style!

Anything goes! This is the motto of the wild 1980s. With so many colorful fashion and hair styling tools at hand it is little wonder that some styles may be on the far side of tasteful expression. Among the more appealing 1980s fashion attributes are oversized blazers, leggings, and jump suits. Most women will find a few old and new versions of those items in the back of their closets. 1980s hairstyles show plenty of volume, the side flip is back and the front hair is shorter than the back hair.


80s Hairstyles: Crimped Waves

Singer Annie Clark and the models for the Stella McCartney Show wear crimped waves. Annie Clark crimped her hair and created a just-out-of-bed style. Her green eye shadow completes her sassy appearance. On the catwalk, the models for Stella McCartney demonstrate a less conspicuous version of crimped styling. Only strands of hair and ponytails show the tightly crimped waves.


1980s Hairstyles: Short Front Hair, Long Back Hair

Models for designer Marc Jacobs demonstrate the hairstyle with the hair length gradually increasing toward the back. This hairstyle combines well with the punk fashion of the 1980s. The same can be said for the black-rimmed eyes, which are reminiscent of the dark gothic movement of the time.


1980s Hair: High-Volume Curls

None of the in-your-face 80s hairdos were ever in danger of being overlooked. The model for Marc Jacobs demonstrates the impact of extreme-volume curls. Reserved attitudes definitely did not have a chance in the 1980s. On the more pleasing side are the bright colors, high-waisted jeans and belts around the waistline.


1980s Hairstyles: The Side Flip

The side flip is one of the more enduring hairstyles of the 1980s. The hair is creatively draped to one side over the crown of the head. This feminine hairstyle contrasts vividly with the rigid business attire of the 1980s with oversized outfits and shoulder pads.


Inspired by the 80s: Using Scrunchies

Eye-catching fashion scrunchies used to be the most popular hair accessory of the 1980s. Scrunchie styles range from basic to exotic. They can be a colorful accent for 1980s-style updos and semi-updos. Create your own fashion scrunchies for your unique version of the 1980s hair fashion.


1980s Styling – Then and Now: from Flashy to Soft

Retro hairstyles are on trend right now. However, signs of our time keep sneaking into these retro hairstyles. The new 1980s hairstyles mirror the bygone era but also reflect our current preference for natural and minimal styles. This takes the edge off the otherwise flashy colors and fashions of the 1980s.