Woman with her hair done up in a banana updo hairstyle
Hair Styling | Banana updo

Banana Clip Hair: Glamour and Sophistication

Banana hair is a hairstyle classic. Some people also call it a French twist. Remember the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Audrey Hepburn wore the style elegantly in this classic comedy. Banana clip hair gives women a particularly graceful appearance. The vertical shape seemingly adds length to the neck. Best of all, the hairstyle looks good on every woman and comes in many variations. You may find your banana hairstyle style below.

Gallery: Banana Updo Variations

Banana clip hair is particularly suitable for festive occasions like weddings, a theatre visit or a special dinner party. However, this elegant updo also works well at home and at work. Sure, the styling takes some expertise, but with our step-by-step instructions even newbies can be successful at it.

Necessary Tools to Style the Banana Clip Hair

Your hair must reach at least to your shoulders for the banana hairstyles. Use clip extensions and volumizing powder if your hair is very fine. You need a styling comb, a bunch of bobby pins, hairspray and a little hair wax. The helping hand from a friend can be invaluable, at least until you are an expert updo stylist.

How to Style Banana Hair Clip Hairstyles

1. If you don’t have a full head of strong hair, it’s best to apply volumizing powder or slightly tease your hair.


2. Dependent on your style and preference, part or don’t part your hair before gathering it loosely in the back of your head.


3. For the classic banana hairstyle you should gather your hair to a ponytail in the neck. Use hair wax to avoid fly-away hair.


4. Tightly twist the ponytail before pulling your hair up toward the top of your head. Keep on turning the ponytail around until it takes the shape of the typical banana. While you twist and pull the ponytail upward, use hidden bobby pins to secure the banana hair as it forms in the back of your head.


5. You can twist the end of the ponytail into a decorative spiral shape or hide the ends inside the banana. Secure the ends of your hair using bobby pins.


6. Secure the finished banana clip hair with hairspray. Depending on the occasion, add accessories like blossoms, feathers or decorative hair slides for more glamour.


Don’t give up if you don’t create a masterful banana hairstyle the first time around. Mastery will come with practice.