Michael Fassbender with a beard
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Beards and Haircuts: Two Elements of One Style

Men wear beards again. All kinds of beards; designer beards, goatees, full beards, and moustaches are back in style. But why has this style come back into fashion? How do beards and hairstyles complement each other? If you are looking for the answer to these questions then you have come to the right place.

Not every man likes shaving his beard every day and almost all men experiment with wearing a beard at one time or another.

Wearing a beard is a symbol of maturity and manhood and aside from your clothes, your beard and hairstyle are a great way to express your unique style. The ability to quickly switch between different styles of beard, or change your look completely with a full shave, allow you to change your look with different hairstyles and beards as and when you wish.

Beards completely change the appearance of any man. Wild, bohemian long hair and beard styles suggest a certain cool rough-and-tumble nature. Designer short hair and beard styles may appear nonchalant but a little more refined than full beards. Beards can give boyish looking men a more angular, stronger, and older appearance. On the other hand, older men who want to look young might want to avoid wearing full beards.

Beards attract attention. Conspicuous or unusual beard haircuts can easily become the defining feature of a man.

Care Tips and Hairstyles for Beards

As a general rule, the shorter and more defined the beard is the more elegant it appears. Conversely, longer and less tidy beard haircuts are often associated with a more rugged appearance. Regardless of whether you wear a full beard or a designer beard, you should always shave the skin below the Adam’s apple.

Some men cannot may experience discomfort when growing long beard styles because the skin underneath the beard starts to itch. This can be easily prevented by applying oil to keep the beard and skin supple.

Hair and Beard Styles

There are many varied reasons as to why not all men can wear every type of beard. Some men will grow only a sparse beard, and some just don’t look good wearing a beard. In case you are not quite sure what type of beard is right for you, simply try growing a particular beard hairstyle during vacations or over the weekend. Then see how you look and feel with a beard. You may also like to test how your family, friends, and business acquaintances feel about you wearing a beard. Full beards may be too hot to wear during the summer months but could be quite practical in winter.