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Braided Hair – Versatile and Practical

There are many ways to braid hair. You may like your braids undone, casually falling over your shoulders, artfully draped or shaped into chignons or crowns. Although practical, braids offer many opportunities for creative styling. Once they are styled, braided hairdos look great even after long workdays, sports or stormy weather. It takes only a few simple steps. In his video tutorial, Armin Morbach makes sure that you succeed in styling your braided hairstyle like a star.

Braided hairstyles are a creative choice for all occasions from work to festive events. It may be the mixture of young charm and romantic look, which makes braids so attractive and versatile. As elaborate as some braids may appear - it really takes only a few skills and techniques to master braiding your hair.

Simple Braid: Gather your hair and divide the ponytail in three equally thick strands. Now cross the right strand over the center strand and then cross the left strand over the strand, which is now in the middle. Then keep pulling the lower strand up and pass it through the other two strands and repeat. Secure the end of the braid using a scrunchy.

French Braid: Gather all but the lower portion of your hair as if you wanted to style a high ponytail. Divide the gathered hair into three equally thick strands and start braiding these strands close to your scalp. Once you have braided your hair about one quarter down the back of your head, start incorporating the still loose hanging hair into the strands of the braid. Continue this type of braiding until you reach the neckline. Then continue forming a simple braid.

Herringbone Braid: This braid is also known as fishtail braid. Gather your hair into a low ponytail and divide it into two equal strands. Separate an about ½ inch wide strand of hair on the outside of one of the strands. Now pull this small outer strand over the remaining strand on the same side and combine it with the opposite strand. Then do the same with the strand to which you have just added the smaller strand of hair from the opposite side. Repeat this technique until you run out of hair.

There is no need to worry when the braids are not perfect at the first attempts. With a little practice you will soon create very creative braids.

Required Tools for Braiding Your Hair

It takes a little practice to create perfect braids. It also helps to have a wide-toothed comb, bobby pins, clips and scrunchies. Be generous with the styling mousse after shampooing. It really helps shaping your braids.

Armin Morbach created a video tutorial for you, in which he shows how to style three different chignon styles using simple braids.

Video: Styling Three Different Chignons

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