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The New Braid Hairstyles

Braid hairstyles offer a range of varied styling options: Gretchen braids conjure girlish charm, while extravagant braided buns are an eye catcher to match glamorous party outfits. Regardless of which style you pick – you are guaranteed to make a grand appearance. We show you how to braid your hair to recreate the hottest trends from the runway.

Glamorous braided hairstyles from the runway

Braid hairstyles – here to stay

Alexander McQueen braided hairstyles

Shown by Alexander McQueen: Braided updo that fits closely against the head.

The undone or sleek look remains current. Braided updo hairstyles where all of the hair is braided tightly against the head are new. Alexander McQueen, for example, surprised the fashion world with particularly fine braids wrapped around the head like a turban. But for such elaborate hair braiding styles, it makes sense to ask for help from a friend or expert.

Hairstyles with braids have already been fashionable for several seasons and we just can't get enough of them. The designers seem to feel the same way, since many exciting new styles showed up on the runway both during fall/winter 2011 and for summer 2012: From wildly fanciful like Gretchen Jones to romantic by Moschino.

Styling tips for braided hairstyles

A braided style should definitely last all day. Work mousse into the hair and dry it as usual to create enough hold after washing. Then slippery strands which would otherwise escape from the braid have no chance. Dry and stubborn ends of braids turn shiny and supply with a bit of styling cream or hair oil in the tips.


In our gallery, we show you the most beautiful hairdos from the runway and provide practical tips for how to braid your hair to recreate them at home.

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