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The Most Attractive Hairstyles for Brown Hair

Brown hair comes in many different shades and nuances, from the lightest milky brown to the darkest espresso brown. Most brown hair is stronger and thicker than blonde hair. Of course, this should play an important role in your hairstyle choice. Our gallery shows you some of the best hair ideas for brunettes.

Brown hair is of more robust nature than blonde hair. With this in mind, you are ready to select a suitable brunette hairstyle and to turn having brown hair into quite a styling advantage. The magic recipe for styling brown hair is less volume and more structure. This recipe never fails!

Most importantly, be sure that the style of your brown hair does not overwhelm the features of your face. If your brown hairstyle dominates your appearance, your facial features and expressions would not play their natural role.

Sophisticated brunette hairstyles harmoniously enhance your appearance while bringing out the best of your features.


We have compiled ten important strategies for styling brown hairstyles for brunettes:

Important Styling Tips for Brunette Hairstyles

1. If you wear fringes you should sweep them to one side so that they do not cover too much of your face.


    2. Brunettes best wear long curly hair in a side-swept fashion. Simply sweep your brown hair over one shoulder (see Miranda Kerr's hairdo).


    3. The sleek look tones down the heaviness of brunette hairstyles and looks quite elegant to boot.


    4. Layered haircuts for brunettes are ideal. This haircut adds style to your hairdo while reducing the volume and heavy nature of dark hair.


    5. Brown hairstyles look particularly appealing combed back toward the neck and gathered in a ponytail or updo. The hair may be gathered loosely (see Kate Beckinsale's hairstyle) or elegant with gel as shown by Meghan Markle.


    6. Semi-updos are also quite suitable for brunette hairstyles. These partial updos take some of the hair and gather it toward the back of the head. It is yet another way to keep too much dark hair out of your face.


    7. Waves and layering take away the severity, which may otherwise be associated with haircuts for brunettes. Thin streaks in light brown shades have the same effect.


    8. Brunettes look particularly stylish with bobs. Even if the bob is quite voluminous the brunette hairstyle will not look too dark or heavy. The hair may even fall into the face without overwhelming the facial features. This is particularly true for bobs without fringes (see Emily Blunt's bob).


    9. Put soft waves into your brown hairstyle or style it into a casual updo with some strands allowed to fall into your face to dazzle everybody with the sensual luster of your brown hair.

Hairstyles for Brown Hair: Volume

You may like to take advantage of your hair’s volume by keeping all elements of your hairstyle in proper balance and by avoiding poofy styles. If you prefer long, loosely hanging hair you may want to consider semi-updos or side-swept hair. Large volume hairdos can be overpowering for brunette hairstyles, especially if your hair color is a darker shade of brown.

Hairstyles for Brown Hair: Luster

If your hair is dark brown it may take a second look to see the intricate beauty of braids and twirls. Then again, who would stop looking after only one glance at the play of light in beautiful brown hair? Intricate updos and braided hairstyles look particularly sophisticated when they are styled using the ample wealth of brown hairstyles.

The beauty of brown hair is additionally enhanced through its dazzling light reflection. As always, light reflection is more noticeable when the hair is straight rather than wavy. Let your hair shine!


In his video, Armin Morbach demonstrates how to style your long brown hair into a stylish rockabilly hairdo with plenty of well-applied volume.


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