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Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curls often have a mind of their own. Matching the most appealing hairstyle to your personal style can therefore be quite a challenge. Our style consultation supplies you with an arsenal of tips and tricks for creating beautiful natural curly hairstyles. 

There is the image of the feminine happy-go-lucky curly top – and then there is the daily fight with those unruly curls. It can be a bit of a challenge to match your curly hairstyle to your personality and your styling habits. Of course, your curls should also show all their natural appeal. We start each consultation by discussing proper haircuts for curly hair, which make or break the overall style.

Styling Curly Hair: Hairstyle Consultation for Small or Large Curls

In our style consultation, we address small and large curls separately because every hair structure requires its own styling rules. Small curls tend to pull up and create tremendous volume while larger curls may actually go limp at times. You may consider opting either for a short or a markedly stepped haircut if your curls are small and tight. Stepped haircuts reduce the volume. Chin-length hair is particularly suitable for large curls. Long hair with large curls should only be slightly stepped to enhance the natural bounce of the curls.

General Style Consultation for Natural Curly Hair

Your lifestyle adds another aspect to be considered in your hairstyle consultation. Would you rather not spend too much time in front of the bathroom mirror? Do you shampoo your hair very often? In such cases, a simple sporty kind of haircut is ideal for you. Classic hairstyles are suitable for women who want to spend little effort on a practical hairstyle but still want to look stylish. Trying sophisticated hairstyles for curly hair is fun for everybody who loves hairstyling adventures.


The looks featured in our gallery below illustrate our hairstyle consultations.

Hairstyle Consultation for Small or Large Curls

Tips for creating the hairstyles for curly hair shown above:

  • When styling your naturally curly hair, allow your curls to air-dry as often as possible. Leave-in styling products prevent frizzy hair and give definition to your curls. Work a small amount of styling product through your hair before wrapping individual strands of your curls around one finger. Make sure that the hair ends don't spread apart like an old paintbrush. Now and then, this may happen anyway. In such cases, simply twist the hair ends together and wrap those strands around your finger once again.
  • In our hairstyle consultation, we have also shown you styles which require straightening your curls. Allow some extra time to create these looks. Curls and in particular tight natural curls are particularly resistant to straightening or shaping in general. After the shampoo, dab your hair with a towel. Don't rub your hair dry to avoid tangled hair. Then start blow-drying the wet (not the towel-dry) hair while straightening it. Use the flat iron only after the hair is completely dry, not while it is still damp.
  • When trying new hairstyles for curly hair, partings should not be too exact. This often looks out of style for curly hair.
  • Curls often lack natural luster because curly hair is usually dry and the cuticles of curls reflect light less efficiently than straight hair. Rich hair care products for curls are the answer to this problem, aside from using gloss spray as a finishing touch.

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