Model rocks wavy it-girl hairstyle, a great hairstyle for fall
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Fall 2016 beauty how to guide: Rocking hair like an ‘it-girl’

Oh, to be an It-girl. Aside from their typically lavish lifestyle, their fashion and beauty sense is always on point. There is something about their perfectly rumpled hair that we can’t stop lusting over. If you’re constantly trying to achieve It-girl hair status, this is the only guide you need!

The flat-iron wave is an easy way to get a very cool, It-girl texture. That means you can wash and air dry your locks the night before, work with a day-old blowout, or polish second or third day hair easily with this fast technique. Plus, the flat iron wave allows you to work with the natural texture you woke up with.

The goal is to shape your existing texture into soft, imperfect bends while adding movement. Begin by dividing your hair into 1 or 2-inch sections. Starting at the root of the first section, gently clamp a 1-inch flat iron on the hair and twist your wrist towards your face. But remember, you want the iron to be slowly gliding down the hair shaft the entire time. Think of this as a series of wrist pivots as you're slowly moving the tool down the length of your hair.

Pivot your wrist the opposite direction (away from your face) as you continue to glide the iron down the length of the hair. Keep gliding the iron down through the hair, and twist your wrist the opposite direction as you go. At this point, you should be twisting it back towards your face. Keep alternating the direction you twist the iron (away from the face, then towards the face, then repeat) until you reach 1 or 2 inches above the tips of the hair. Do not iron over the ends of the hair unless you need to control frizz. Leaving the ends untouched makes this look appear more natural and far more modern than hair with curled ends.

Repeat this all over your hair. Then allow the hair to cool completely. Once it's set, evenly blast your hair with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume Hairspray while scrunching your strands with your hands. Apply all over for an airy look with added volume, and you’re done.

This style will look different on everyone, but that’s the point. Perfectly imperfect It-girl hair is meant to mimic what your own hair looks like when it’s dried in the sun. The coolest hair has one thing in common: it looks absolutely effortless. And with Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Biotin+ Volume Hairspray and our how-to guide, you’ll be rocking It-girl hair through Fall 2016.